Monday, September 28, 2015

Pumpkin Spice Oreo Shake - Burger King

Pumpkin Spice Oreo Shake - Burger King
I'm back from Baltimore! After a very long drive back to Jersey (caused by the  #@$%! Ravens game), I decided to treat myself for not succumbing to road rage by stopping at Burger King. At first I was just going to buy the new Halloween burger (with the black A-1 infused buns), but they also had this new I grabbed both! (After that drive, I deserved it. Treat yo' self!)

Classic chocolate Oreo bits and pumpkin spice? I don't know about this one. Let's see if this shake is tasty, or just a gimmick. (The Halloween burger review will be up next!)

There's not much to this cup, so the critique portion of this review is going to be really short.

The container is made of clear plastic, which allows you can see all of the little cookie bits mixed in, but there's no fun design! Where are the pumpkins? The Halloween ghosts and ghoulies? This is functional, but completely boring. Especially for a seasonal product! (For the record, it's very very orange-colored for something that is "pumpkin spice" and not "pumpkin flavored.")

As far as the aroma, I couldn't smell anything until I carried the milkshake to my car. Once the doors were closed, all of that pumpkin spiced-goodness was trapped in my Toyota. The scent is a bit on the over processed side, but it thankfully leans more towards a spiced cake than a Bath & Body Works candle. Which I really appreciated, after years of consuming all things pumpkin, a lot of the products out there overdo things and end up tasting like something I should be wearing or burning, not eating. Then again I haven't tried this yet, so maybe I spoke too soon.

So, chocolate Oreos and pumpkin spice, eh? It doesn't sound appealing when you say it out-loud, but let me tell you, this works way better than I thought it would. I took a sip, and the spice blend was a bit on the strong side. I can taste super sweet vanilla soft-serve, sugary syrup, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, and allspice, but the cookie bits added a bit of texture and (thankfully) mellowed those spices out a bit. Overall, this gingerbread-y, and I like it! It gives off just enough of that spiced cake vibe to be festive, without tasting overly obnoxious or candle-y. As far as seasonal fast food shakes are concerned, this is pretty darn good! (At the very least, it's way better than I expected.)

UPDATE: After drinking this, my breath smells like a seasonal air freshener. Depending on the person, this could be a good or a bad thing, but this unexpected side effect has lasted quite a while. It's lasted well over an hour now...which is slightly concerning. I think I'm going to go brush my teeth.
On a Pumpkin Scale of 1-5 (5 being the most pumpkin-y) I’d give this a 3.This is pretty darn good! I was skeptical at first, but the spices blend nicely with the chocolate cookie pieces, and this ends up tasting kind of gingerbread-y. It may not be super pumpkin-y, but this seasonal shake is better than I thought it'd be, and I'd happily repurchase. Although I can only handle a small size. Anything bigger is way too much and too sweet for me.
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  1. I don't know why they could had used golden oreos pumpkin spiced ones. They are lazy with new shakes "OREO" flavors. They could had changed up.

    1. It doesn't matter you can't taste the chocolate in the's really good

    2. It doesn't matter you can't taste the chocolate in the's really good

  2. I hate the taste of pumpkin spice but I bought this stupid shake anyway thinking the Oreos would help balance it out boy was I wrong