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Ghostbustin' Burger & Stay Puft Slime Shake - Wayback Burger

Ghostbustin' Burger & Stay Puft Slime Shake - Wayback Burger
I'm finally getting around to typing up this long overdue review! Nearly 2 months ago Dinosaur Dracula posted his review of the Ghostbusters themed menu offered at Wayback Burgers. Being a huge nerd of all things Halloween-ie, and a fan of the movies, I ran right out and placed an order.
The promotional menu came out in early September, which was a really bizarre choice. At that time the new movie was no longer playing in (most) theaters and it wasn't yet available on DVD or Blu-Ray, so I'm not entirely sure what this tie-in was promoting. Come to think of it, I didn't see any tie-ins with the new movie mentioned anywhere on the promotional materials posted in the shop, so was it just promoting the Ghostbusters brand? No matter the rhyme or reason, Ghostheads and nerds like me are happy this exists. 
So what makes this a Ghostbustin' burger? The burgers claim to ghostliness, other than the adorable logo burger-pick, is that it has a spicy ghost pepper sauce, along with 2 patties, and some pepper jack cheese. Normally I love spicy food, but real ghost peppers are a tiny bit above my spiciness level. No need to worry! Most fast food places dull down the spiciness of their "ghost pepper" offerings (which annoys a lot of heat-seekers out there) so it's more of a marketing ploy than anything else. Then again I could be wrong, after all, Wayback DID offer a Slim Jim milkshake (which I reviewed) and one made from Cricket Protein they might not be pulling their punches. Time to take a bite and see if I can handle this burger without bustin' my guts.  (Ewww..) 

I took a bite...and as suspected Wayback pulled back on the spiciness of the "ghost pepper" sauce. This was spice, and it made my nose run a tiny bit, but it was no where near as intense as the straight up ghost pepper sauces I've tried in the past. (Which kicked my wimpy medium-heat-tolerance butt!)
So it's not as spicy as you might expect it to be, but it's still really yummy! The patties were juicy, the cheese had a little kick and added some flavor, and the ghost sauce's heat kept me coming back for more. When it comes to fast food novelty burger chains, Wayback is probably my favorite, I feel like their offerings are more unique than other similar chains (like Five Guys) and I love that they do these nifty novelty menu items. Sure, it's novelty burger, but I really enjoyed it! Definitely buying a few more today on my way home from work and I'll be sad when it finally disappears from the menu. 
To wash down that burger Wayback offers a nifty Stay Puft Marshmallow Slime shake!
Look at all the green gooey goodness. Just looking at this is raising my insulin levels, but it's Halloween and I don't care.  
This is a vanilla milkshake made with marshmallow flavoring, green kiwi-lime-slime and topped with mini marshmallows. Visually, I could think of no better shake to represent the Ghostbusters, and thankfully it not only looks great, it tastes great! The marshmallow syrup really shone through the vanilla ice cream, and the added slime gave me a it of tanginess and tartness that prevented the rest of the shake from being overly sweet and cloying. The marshmallow toppers aren't straw-friendly, but they're a lot of fun (and messy) to pick off the top and eat as you plow through your burger. 
Wayback offers a third Ghostbusters-themed menu item, Mac & Cheese bites with Ghost Pepper dipping sauce, but this was more than enough food for me. I didn't pick them up then, but since I was so impressed by the overall flavor pay off of these two items, I might give those a shot today on my way home from work. (If they're still available.) 
I am running on 3 hours of sleep and fistfuls of Halloween candy today, so on my way home from work I am stopping at Wayback burger to grab a second round of these goodies to take home for a lazy, but still Halloween-themed, dinner. (#meatlessmonday will just have to wait until Tuesday.) If you have a Wayback burger in the area, I highly recommend trying these items before they disappear.  
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