Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Seasonally Accurate, but still Late

Remember in my last post when I told you being late was very on brand for me? Well these are fall related, but from LAST YEAR. (I may be awful, but at least I'm consistent about it.)  

Why do I still have them in my pantry, completely unopened? I couldn't even begin to tell you. Will I still open them, eat them, and review them? You bet your sweet bippy I am! 

So yeah, as previously stated, these are from Aldi's fall collection, last year. I bought them hoping to compare them to the previous Oreo version and just never did. So, better late than never?

Aldi is looking pretty Oreo-like, especially with this layout. The bag itself is red, something Oreo never does in America, it's always a variation of blue or yellow. (Unless it's that Supreme branding tie-in item that I don't quite understand.) Ignoring the red, if you look at the design on this bag, and compare it to Oreo's take on the same flavor from 8 years ago, it's like a Wario version of the same thing. Similar, yet different. Still, it's one of the more marketable looking packages they've ever done. Kudos to the design team.  

I never got around to writing up the caramel apple Oreos (again, very on-brand) but they had a split-filling that was half green apple and half caramel. And I hated them. I felt like the apple portion was a bright almost Jolly Rancher-like green apple where it's recognizable, but in a chemically fake green apple way. The Oreo caramel portion was okay, butthe apple part was too sharp and fake for me to really enjoy the cookie. Plus it didn't really pair nicely with milk. I recognize that I don't like green apple flavored items. Like green apple Skittles? Worse thing to happen to Skittles, ever. So my personal likes and dislikes is definitely at play here, because I knew other food bloggers who really loved them. But I definitely did not like them at all.    

With this take, the bags may be similar, but the cookies are entirely different. This filling is all one color, a sandy beige, and one flavor, a supposed mix of caramel and apple.

On it's own, the cookie base is...not great. Aldi's Benton cookies are dry, crumbly, and mild. Pretty much like any basic no-frills grocery store cookie, and when compared to Golden Oreos, these are basically cardboard, BUT the filling in these is definitely superior to the original Oreo version.  

It's sweet, sugary, a little gritty, and has a light touch of apple flavoring that reminds me of flavored oatmeal with brown sugar. It has a tart apple aftertaste that is a bit fake and lingers, but it's weaker than the aftertaste I experienced with the Oreo version. Does it taste like a caramel coated apple? No. Not at all. But, does it taste like a caramel apple flavored instant oatmeal packet? Definitely. 

For me, caramel apple oatmeal is an improvement over the chemical focused Oreo version, so I definitely prefer these over Oreo's, but even so, they aren't that great. 

Aldi's cookie quality needs work, both flavor and texture-wise and that isn't just because these are a year old. I have bought other Benton cookies and eaten them fresh and that's just how they are. That said, given that these are a year old, I am impressed with how well these held up.

In the end, I am just not into apple flavored things that don't involve real apples. I do prefer the filling in these to the Oreo version, but I can't say that I really like them all that much. They do seem to keep really well though, so I guess it'll be these and Twinkies if we ever have a zombie apocalypse.

This year Aldi has an Apple Cider Donut flavored cookie, another riff on a previous seasonal Oreo flavor, but this time it's one I did like quite a bit. So I am excited to see how they will compare!  

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