Monday, October 12, 2015

Brach's Caramel Apple Candy Corn - Gift

Brach's Caramel Apple Candy Corn - Gift
Okay, step one of my candy corn experiment was a success. The Apple Pie candy corn was (surprisingly) enjoyable and authentically flavored, so now we can move on to step two. Is it truly any different than this caramel apple candy corn? Or did they just swap the colors and slap a new label on it?

Candy corn packaging is nothing new or exciting to talk about, so like before, we're going to get right into the review. (Although I hate this font they're using for the "caramel apple" part. The Apple Pie text was infinitely better.)

Just like the last flavor I reviewed, this isn't three colored like traditional candy corn, which is super lazy. Come on! Candy corn HAS to have three colors, that's like, a rule. Instead of the classic yellow, orange and white, we have this intense red with a dark brown color. It's pretty unappealing, and I don't even want to think of all the food dye that's in that red portion. (Oh no, am I getting old?)

I opened up the bag and...oh no. This stuff has that overly obnoxious chemical-y apple scent I thought the Apple Pie version would have. Ug, if I smell it for too long it makes me feel sick. I really don't like strong green apple flavors, even though I enjoy actual green apples, so this is off to a really bad start for me.

I took a bite of the red part...and I instantly hate it. It has a similar tangy, but floral, apple flavoring to the Apple Pie candy corn, but it's much more intense and artificial. Imagine fudge that's flavored like green apple Jolly Ranchers. Maybe that sounds good to those of you who are obsessed with green apple flavored sweets, but this is a nightmare for a green apple Skittle-hater like me. Something like this should be a lotion, or a candle, or even a bath bomb, not a candy that I put into my mouth. I'm hoping the dark brown caramel portion will help this out a bit.
I tried the brown portion on it's own and thank goodness it's a lot more enjoyable. It's not as intensely sweet as I though it'd be, and it has some really authentic caramel flavoring. Kind of like an ice cream topping!  It's very nice and works well with the smooth texture of the candy corn, but will it be enough to mellow out that gross apple portion?

I combined the two flavors and... I still hate it. That apple flavoring is too intense and floral for me. It's giving me flash backs to that Caramel Apple Intense milk I reviewed a few years ago. The more I try to get over my aversion and eat this stuff, the sicker I feel. This candy corn isn't for me, but I'm also not a fan of the Caramel Apple Oreos, or that milk I mentioned earlier.

Even though I think this candy is gross and I don't want to eat it ever again, the experiment did prove that the two flavors are truly different, so good for Brach's! I'm impressed that they put this much time and effort into their flavoring, and I look forward to trying other non-apple relate flavors in the future.
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