Sunday, October 11, 2015

Brach's Apple Pie Candy Corn - Gift

Brach's Apple Pie Candy Corn - Gift
When people ask me if I like candy corn, I typically say no, but looking through my blog...I think I subconsciously like it more than I let on. I've reviewed candy corn flavored soda, cereal, coffee, cotton candy, Oreos and all kinds of seasonal candy corn flavors, why do I keep buying candy corn themed things when I say I don't like actual candy corn?

I think I buy it because I want to see if companies are really pushing the flavor limits, or if they're just cashing in on gimmicky flavor-names. I mean, it's easy to come up with a flashy concept, like apple pie flavored candy corn, but does it actually taste like apple pie? Or this this just glorified artificial apple with a glitzy name? My buddy Nate, who is always finding me awesome foodie stuff to review, picked up two different apple flavored candy corns for me to try, and I'm going to review them both to see if they taste any different.

First up, Apple pie!

The packaging is isn't much to write about, so I'm just going to jump right into the review.

For me, all candy corn should have three colors, and this is only 2-toned! We have a tannish brown color at the top, and a creamy off-white color on the bottom. It looks so unfinished! Would it have killed them to add a third color in there somewhere? They could have tried to makes these little triangles look like little slices of pie or something. As-is, they look so...boring. If you saw these in a candy dish would you want to eat them? I don't know if I would, but I'm insane picky.

I opened up the bag and poured some into a dish, and thankfully the aroma wasn't as obnoxious as I thought it'd be. I can smell a little bit of cinnamon, a hint of tangy floral apple (which is more Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer-smelling than realistic), and that sugary fondant-aroma that all candy corn has. The scent is teetering on candle territory but it's still palatable.

I started out by trying the colors separately. (Which is how I normally eat my candy corn anyway.)

The white portion starts out sweet and creamy, but then you get this bright tangy apple flavor that reminds me of those caramel covered green apple lollipops. I like those lollipops, so this is pretty good so far.I can't taste any cinnamon in this part, it's mostly creamy vanilla and apple.
Next I tried the tan portion, and it was sweet, a little caramel-y, and lightly cinnamon-y. I'm impressed! I can't taste and apple in this part at all!

When combined, the flavors balance out pretty nicely. The caramel-colored cinnamon portion mellows out the intensely artificial green apple, and you get a pretty impressive apple-pie-like flavoring. It's not terribly authentic, but it's far better than I ever expected it to be. I can only eat a few pieces in one sitting, since it's so intensely sweet, but as far as novelty candy corns go, this is pretty darn good!

If you like those caramel apple lollipops I mentioned earlier, or you enjoy warm apple cider, this could be the candy corn for you! I'm happy I got this as a gift, but it's so sweet that I know I'll be nursing this bag for months to come and I won't be repurchasing.

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  1. Everytime i see those little triangles now, i have to think about your amazing and helpful reply to my somwhat awfully newbish questions about candy corn ^^

    So while i'm still not very convinced i would love them (just sugar... meh...) this particular flavor could be _my_ flavor.
    This fall was the first time i discovered the combination of aramel and apple while browsing through the us product line of Werther’s Original. Yes, i'm sure you can buy caramel apples at our fairs too, but i never realized them, 'cause i don't really get the coated apple thing... first you have to eat your way through the sweet coating, then there is MAYBE a tiny moment where those flavors are combined and then... plain (but delicious) apple... i would rather spend my money on some chocolate and an real apple than those oated ones xD

    Nevertheless since then i'm really jealous of all those apple/caramel flavored products you have in the us. ^^

    Long story short: I love caramel, i love apple pie and strudel and this could be a andy corn i like ^^
    (But we probbly will never know... xD)

    Thanks for this amazin review! :)

  2. I'm not a huge fan of candy corn, but I didn't mind these. The flavor was more on point than the s'mores version.