Friday, November 18, 2022

Have Candy Cane Oreos been dethroned by Doodles?

Snickerdoodle is having a moment right now. We have these Oreos, a limited edition Pop-Tart, and a those new Little Debbie's Snack cake. 

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but Snickerdoodles are just sugar cookies rolled in cinnamon, right? (It's how I've always made them.) If true, are these items just cinnamon flavored?

I guess we'll find out. 

Like the yellow packaging suggests, this is a golden vanilla-based cookie, with red and green sugar crystals mixed into a white-colored, but cinnamon flavored, creme filling. But, when opened, there was barely any cinnamon to be found. 

These smell sweet, like graham crackers and Oreo "stuf" filling. Appealing, but not very Snickerdoodle-like. 

You guys know the drill, I'll try the cookie on it's own, then the creme, and then both combined. 

The cookie looks golden, with specks of red and green sanding sugar mixed into it, something that isn't mentioned on the packaging. It's cute, and subtly festive, but contributes nothing to the actual taste which is just like a graham cracker. Not a cinnamon one, but a normal, standard, honey one. I like it, because graham crackers are delicious and underappreciated, but it isn't different than anything Oreo has done before, and it's definitely not "Snickerdoodle." 

According to the package, all of the cinnamon flavor is supposed to be in the filling, but it doesn't look like it. The creme is bright white, with sugar crystals, but there isn't a speck of cinnamon in sight. 

I tried the filling all by itself, it was sweet, vanilla'd, with a very mild, almost creamy, cinnamon flavor.  It's pleasant enough, but definitely doesn't make me think of Snickerdoodles. Just a very slightly more cinnamon version of a normal golden Oreo. 

There are plenty of crunchy sugar crystals which add a crunchy texture and even more sweetness, but where is the cinnamon? The defining trait of snicker doodles!

Combined, it's a sweet vanilla cookie with even sweeter creme, and and even sweeter sugary crunch. There is a whisper of cinnamon, like the filling was scraped off a cinnamon bun or something, but that's about it.  Looking back, I think the (now discontinued) Cinnamon Bun Oreos might have had more cinnamon flavoring than these. These are slightly less flavorful than cinnamon Teddy Grahams, but twice as sweet. 

I'll have no trouble eating this package, but once they're gone, take normal golden Oreos, roll them in red and green sanding sugar with a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon and you have a pretty spot-on recreation. 

Seasonal snickerdoodle snackers and cinnamon fans can skip this one. It's good, but nothing to write home Santa about. 

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