Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Fall-bucha - Apple, Cinnamon, Vanilla and Clove flavored Kombucha

The blog has accidently turned into mostly-Lidl reviews. It makes sense, since I've been shopping there a lot lately, and they really went all-in with interesting fall themed products, but for the sake of variety, I promise my next review will be non-Lidl. 

Today we are still Lidl-ing it up, this time with a a seasonal kombucha: apple, cinnamon, vanilla and clove.

I love kombucha, and have tried a lot of flavors over the years, but my preferences typically lean into berry based flavors like cherry, raspberry, or cranberry. So this apple, cinnamon, vanilla, and clove option is pretty different for me. 

Will it be a good-different? I guess we'll see. 

Opened, there's a spiced apple aroma with the recognizably sour twinge of fermentation. Normally I would describe fruity kombuchas to be vinaigrette-like. Sweet from the fruit, sour from the fermented tea, but in a tangy vinegar-like way. This is actually a bit different. 

This time, instead of smelling a bit like a fancy homemade salad dressing, it leans more beer and hard cider-like. (But mostly beer-like.) At first sniff, I don't like it. I will drink socially from time to time, or on special occasions, but I have never liked the taste of beer or alcohol. If I'm alone, and there's nothing to celebrate, it is definitely not something I gravitate toward so the smell is surprisingly off-putting for me. 

Let's hope it doesn't taste like it smells. If so, this might be the first time I have ever completely disliked a kombucha! 

Taking a sip, it thankfully reminds me of apple cider vinegar-based health drinks more than some kind of seasonal booze. It's sweet, very apple-forward, in an interesting way. It's not quite bright enough to be juice, but not "brown" enough to be cider. It's like an in-between limbo of apple flavor, with some warming spices, and a "browner"-vinegar tang. Again, more like apple cider vinegar. It is very fall-like, but you know what? I don't really like it. 

It doesn't taste like beer or hard cider, but the profile does lean that way more than I would like. Like some kind of near-beer, or booze-free beverage option. I took a few sips to write up this post, but I am only a quarter through the bottle and I don't find myself reaching for it or wanting to drink more of it. 

Personal preferences are always in play with food blogging. It's why I usually hesitate to really rate things, because my tastes may be completely different than yours. Instead I try and give a (sometimes overly complicated) description of the item so you can see if it is something that -would- appeal to you, the reader. 

As I ominously write earlier, it's different for me, but not good-different. I don't really like this, but even though I love vinegar. You know that whole "healthy soda" trend on TikTok or whatever, where people just put dark balsamic vinegars in carbonated water? I was already doing that, for years, for my own sipping. I love vinegar, and balsamic vinegars, and I normally love kombucha. But this tastes more like an apple cider vinegar based health drink, which is not my kind of vinegar, or kombucha. 

I'm forcing myself to finish this, because I hate wasting products/money, but it makes me feel like I am drinking a non-alcoholic "hard" apple cider. And I am a 35-year-old baby who still doesn't have their booze-tastebuds yet. 

I wouldn't buy this again, it's a dud for my preferences, but if any of you do like apple cider vinegar, or are looking for a non-boozy cider alternative, this might be the product for you. Me? I'm pinching my nose and knocking it back like it's medicine. 

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