Friday, August 5, 2022

What does Hibiscus Taste Like?

Hibiscus Lemonade Kombucha - Lidl

Another day, Another 'bucha. 

I'm very familiar with lemonade, not so much hibiscus. I know what the flower looks like, they're pretty, and tropical. The flower of choice amongst surfers, Hawaiian shirt lovers and various resort wear companies. I know they tends to turn food and drinks they're in pink. But that's it. 

Is it perfume-y? Fruity? Will this kombucha taste like grandma's perfume? Pairing anything with lemon is usually a safe bet, so I'm not nervous. More-so curious to see what hibiscus will bring to the table. 

When opened, the kombucha has it's classic fermented tea tanginess, but it's extra sour. Like lemon juice. It smells tart, tangy and juicy, but right off the bat this makes me think of lemons more than it does lemonade, and I don't detect anything floral. Is hibiscus sour? 

I'll google hibiscus flavoring after I try it. I don't want it to influence me. 

Taking a sip, it's sweet, tart, tangy, fermented and kind of...earthy. It's surprisingly no where near as tart as it smelled. It's actually quite sweet and mellow. It reminds me of that time I tried miracle berry candies and ate a bunch of sour or vinegar flavored things and they all tasted like candy. This smells like it should be tart and sour, like lemon juice, but somehow it's sweet, mellow, and sugary. With a hint of dirt. 

I mainly say dirt for comedic effect. I like beets, especially pickled beets, but I have had friends describe them as tasting like dirt, and I can see what they mean. They have an earthy flavor, that that is the kind of finish this kombucha has. It doesn't show up until the very end, but it's there. 

Describing this flavor is like, cotton candy lemonade kombucha with a beet-chaser. I like it, it's interesting, but I don't think it's a flavor I would gravitate to more than like, once a year. 

So, after googling, it seems like hibiscus is tart, similar to cranberry or pomegranate, two flavors I really like! Which would explain why this smelled so tart, but when it comes to taste, I don't think I could really pin point it in this kombucha. It still feels like a very sweet lemonade to me, with a vinegary kombucha tang to it, of course. 

I like it, it's good, and summery, but I still prefer actual cranberry, cassis, or cherry focused kombucha. What's your favorite way to consume hibiscus? Let me know what other hibiscus stuff I should check out in the comments. 

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