Monday, August 8, 2022

Lemon Cracker Cookies?

I buy generic, store brand, and no-frills whenever I can. They're cheaper and, more often than not, they're the same product or better than name-brand. 

Take Frosted Flakes for example. Here in NJ, a family sized (24.7 oz.) box with Tony the Tiger on it goes for $4.28 at Walmart, which seems to be the cheapest price I can find without coupons. Meanwhile, a family sized box (26.8 oz.) box of Millville Aldi-branded cereal goes for $2.75. The Aldi version tastes the same AND it's bigger AND cheaper. Not sold on the Aldi version? Well the Walmart version, Great Value (26.8 oz.) goes for even less! It's just $2.30! Sorry, Tony. This must be why Frosted Flakes is branching out into new flavors like Strawberry Milkshake, because once the masses realize the normal stuff is cheaper elsewhere, he'd be put out to pasture. 

However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. Like Doritos. No knock-off flavored tortilla chips has ever come close to having the same flavor-punch. Same goes for crunchy Cheetos and Ritz crackers. 

Ritz crackers are so crispy, thick, savory, and buttery. I could easily eat an entire sleeve like they were potato chips. I still fondly remember all those Ritz Bits commercials where the tiny crackers would skate around in cheese or peanut butter (PB is my preferred Ritz combo), so I'm no stranger to a Ritz sandwich, but, lemon? This I gotta try.  


Not a combination I ever thought to ask for, but it works! Rich, buttery Ritz crackers with a sweet and tangy lemon creme filling. The filling has the same  profile as any generic lemon-flavored grocery store cookie, it's bright, a little zesty, but mostly tangy while still being sugary sweet. The only thing that sets it apart is it's texture. A lot of American cookie fillings can be shortening based, so they're oily and stiff, peeling clean off the cookie. This is soft and messy, more like the consistency of cake frosting or room temperature butter.

On their own, each component shines just like you'd expect. But, when combined, the two crispy crackers overpower the filling, until the very end. As you finish chewing you get a tangy lemon finish. I'd liken it to buttered toast with lemon curd, it tastes very "tea time," or "breakfast-y," to me. Which I like!

This isn't a flavor combination that is sold in the states, but it should be! With the Ritz-x-Oreo mash-up selling out online, and the recurring fudge-covered Ritz crackers I see around the holidays, maybe it's only a matter of time before America craves more sweet and savory cracker combinations.

If you have an Asian grocery shop near you, check it out. You might be able to find a pack for yourself! If so, let me know what you think! 

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  1. I am so glad I am not the only one who thinks this logic when buying things in store! Also--I want to try these now! I love lemon and Ritz Crackers just make it that much more enticing.