Friday, July 8, 2022

The Blue Chill - Blueberry Lavender Kombucha

Blue Chill Blueberry Lavender Kombucha 

Aldi dropped the 'bucha-ball. I think it's safe to say they've discontinued their trio of standard flavors, so now, other than Blood Orange, they don't offer any unique flavors. Not even rotating seasonal ones. (At least not consistently.) 

Lidl on the other hand is always offering something new. I really loved their last flavor, so I went back to stock up, but it's switched over to summer. Which apparently means blueberry lavender.

I was worried that blueberry might be too sweet, and the lavender would be too floral. Like an overripe berry covered in soap, but so far Lidl has consistently been pretty great, so I grabbed a bottle to give it the benefit of a doubt. 

When opened, you have the classic kombucha tang, which always makes me thing of fruit infused balsamic vinegar. It's tangy, a little sour, but not perfumed. A very good sign. 

Taking a sip, the blueberry makes this a bit sweeter than I am used to, but I like it, and there is a slight complexity to the flavor that might be where the lavender comes in. But, being honest, I barely taste the lavender at all. After I swallow you start to taste the tea base a bit more, and maybe it is slightly more floral than usual, but overall this is a fruity kombucha first and lavender-drink second (if at all.)  

For me, the weak floral aspect is a win. I tend to not like most floral-infused products or beverages. In fact, I don't even like more floral scented perfumes, soaps, or candles either. And yet, I like this, a lot!  

Another winning kombucha offering from Lidl! 

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