Monday, August 1, 2022

Neapolitan vs. Neapolitan

Name Brand vs. Generic: Neapolitan Edition

This new Oreo came out, I bought it, and then I went to put it away and found this box of cookies from Aldi that were a different take on the same thing. In fact, they're an Aldi twist on a Neapolitan Trader Joe-Joe's item that's been around since at least 2018. 

I figured I'd take this opportunity to compare the two and see who did it better. Oreo? Or Aldi? 


Oreo Cookie Portion: According to the package, the cookie base is supposed to be waffle cone flavored, which is why it has this cute little waffle pattern on it. Visually, yes, it looks like a little waffle cone, but the flavor is straight-graham cracker. It's good, in that late 90's Teddy Grahams kind of way, but absolutely nothing about it's flavor reminds me of a waffle cone. 

Oreo Creme Filling: The Oreo version has three layers of creme, a white/vanilla, a pink/strawberry, and a fairly dark looking chocolate. None of which are in proportion. You get a lot of the chocolate, way more than the other two flavors. Then you get a thin layer of strawberry and then the tiniest splurt of vanilla. I tried to separate them to try them on their own to the best of my ability. 

Chocolate: The thickest of the three fillings. It looks dark and fudgy, and it actually tastes a lot like the filling of E.L.Fudge cookies, a richer chocolate than normal. Kind of like the Oreo Brownie Batter filling, without the texture and complexity. It's good, and kind of like chocolate ice cream, but nothing revolutionary. Due to it's thickness I was able to easily isolate this flavor and it rolled off the cookie cleanly, like normal Oreo filling

Vanilla: This was the thinnest of the three layers of cream, and very uneven. It twists cleany off the cookie, but there is a hole in the center filled with pink, it kind of looks like the pink and white layers were merged into one. This is very hard to get on it's own, but with the bit that I was able to isolate, it tastes like normal, sugary sweet, Oreo creme. Other than coloring, it doesn't bring much flavor to the table.

Strawberry: The middle color, and very tricky to isolate since it and the white portion seemed to have fused into one. I did my best and from what I can tell, it reminds me of strawberry Nesquik powder. It's a sweet, creamy, milkshake-like strawberry. But not like, a real milkshake that would have tiny bits of actually strawberry in it. This is like, pink, smooth, fast food strawberry flavored milkshake. Which I have never been a fan of. I love strawberry flavored things, like jam, and ice cream, but when it comes to like, strawberry flavored powders and syrups, it always tastes "wrong," to me. 

All 3 fillings combined: The chocolate easily overpowers everything else, leaving a faint pink-milkshake after taste. Rather than intentional, this more-so tastes like you left your chocolate Oreos in the same bowl as a fruity candy, like Strawberry Twizzlers or something. I really thought this combination would be a winner, but it's left me feeling very "meh." 

Eaten with cookie:
 With everything all at once, the cookie mellows out the intensity of the chocolate, making me think of the chocolate flavored Teddy Grahams I ate as a kid. The strawberry is very forgettable in this combination, and the vanilla might as well not be there at all. 

In conclusion, this Oreo, in spite of it's adorable appearance, is very forgettable. The creme combines into more of a texture than a flavorful ice cream experience and the cookie is more graham-like than any previous attempts as graham flavored cookies that I can remember. All in all, a cute gimmick, but a very skippable limited edition cookie.     

How does Aldi fair? 

Unlike Oreo, Aldi has a vanilla cookie, a chocolate cookie, and a strawberry filling. 

Vanilla Cookie:
Shockingly dry. As I chew it seems to dissolve, but in like, a dry flour-y way. Not a "melt in your mouth"-way. It's not great, but far from bad. Okay vanilla flavoring, but the texture leaves a lot to be desired. 

Chocolate Cookie: Another shockingly dry cookie, it quickly crumbles into nothing and, sadly, it has very minimal chocolate flavoring. Kind of like a darker cocoa-powder like taste, but only once everything has dissolved and you're done chewing. Oreo might taste like graham instead of waffle cone, but it's better than either of these. 

Strawberry filling: I like that it's white with red flecks, it makes it look a lot more authentic and ice-cream-like, but is it all for show? It cleanly rolls off the cookies, and trying it on it's own, it's not bad! The red bits are actual bits of strawberry, which adds to the texture, and the flavor is mild and creamy. Not spot-on, but far more authentic and ice cream-y than Oreo's version. 

Combined with both cookies: Due to both cookies being so bland, the filling shines through, and somehow feels richer and more jam-like. But, as you chew, the dryness of the cookies dulls the filling's shine. It's okay. More ice cream like than Oreo, but execution leaves a lot to be desired. 

Of the two, Oreo has the better cookie, BUT Aldi has the better filling. 

I'm tempted to Frankenstein's monster this thing and mix and match to make my own cookie, BUT that is messy and the final cookie definitely won't be worth all the mess and trouble. 

In the end, I wouldn't recommend either cookie. You're better off just buying a carton of ice cream. 

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