Friday, February 10, 2023

It's Cereal AND It's Pink for Valentine's Day - Double Theme'd!

Wrapping up this week's unplanned cereal theme, I have Strawberry Milkshake Frosted Flakes. 

I went out for drinks with friends from college, but I don't drink, or smoke. Everyone at the table asked, "what DO you do?" I go on post-work junk-food binges, and watch a LOT of movies. (As you can tell, I'm very cool and very social.) Crap-food and movies are my thing, and my community of junk food loving bloggers let me know I'm not alone in this, but I guess non-internet people find it strange. 

Anyway, this was bought during one of those binges I mentioned. I walk the aisles and put anything interesting into my cart, and this made the cut. I wasn't especially excited to try it, and I definitely didn't meant to commit to the family sized box, but at the very least, it's pink and Valentine's Day-looking. Another happy on-theme accident! 

Are these possibly better than the original? Let's find out.  

The box is big, and busy, and bad. Pros: the creamy pink background stands out in the aisles, and the illustrations and cereal imagery are dynamic. Cons: there is too much text. We have logos, call-outs, bursts,'s too much noise. I definitely bought this for the flavor and not the ✧aesthetics

Opened, they look like pink-colored corn flakes, but the soft coloring and shape evoke dried flower petals in a
pleasant way I hadn't expected. The smell is enjoyable too. Sugary sweet Frosted Flakes mixed with those opaque, pink-colored, Snack Pack strawberry pudding cups. It's lightly fruity, and really creamy. Even so, I'm skeptical that this will taste like a milkshake. Especially dry.  

Dry, a few pieces and it'll taste nearly normal. You need a hefty handful for the strawberry flavoring to really come though, but once it builds up it reminds me of the pink frosting on a Dunkin' Donuts strawberry iced. Just barely strawberry enough for you to notice a difference between it and the original, but it's not a bold, fresh, in-your-face kind of flavor. It's soft and subtle. 

In milk, it's even weaker. The milk washes away the pink coloring, and the soggier it gets, the less flavorful it is, BUT, unlike the Apple Pie Toast Crunch, this flavoring transfers nicely to milk-form. The cereal milk is reminiscent of strawberry NesQuick, but if you used only a 4th of the recommended amount of powder. It definitely doesn't taste like a strawberry milkshake, but it is strawberry-milk-light.   

It's distinct from the original Frosted Flakes and, thankfully, unlike other strawberry cereals, it doesn't leave an overly artificial chemical-y aftertaste. (Lookin' at you, Frankenberry.) 

Not bad for an impulse buy! I don't think I would buy the family-size again (this is a bit of a commitment), but I do think it's one of the best strawberry cereals out there. A normal-sized box may have earned it way into my heart, and my cereal-rotation. 

What's YOUR thing? Are you a junk food junkie, like me? Let me know in the comments down below!

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