Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Ben & Jerry's vs. The Girl Scouts - Chewy Gooey Cookie

Chewy Gooey Cookie Ben & Jerry's - Target

Samoa ice cream? 

This has milk chocolate and coconut ice creams, shortbread pieces, fudge flakes, and a caramel swirl. All the ingredients of top-tier Girl Scout cookie, Samoa (aka Caramel deLites.) Since this is as subtle as a baseball bat to the face, I'm far from the first person to make the connection. Which makes me wonder, why isn't this a collaboration? 

Ben & Jerry's previously released, "Thick Mint," a clear parody of Girl Scout's, "Thin Mint," so maybe there's some bad blood between the two junkfood giants? Someone more versed in brand politics can fill me in down in the comments. I'm sure I'm missing something. 

Whatever the reason, I love Samoas, and I love ice cream, so I have high hopes for this pint! 

Opened, the surface is looking pretty milk-chocolate heavy, which is a bummer. I have always liked coconut, but the past few months I have been borderline obsessed. I've bought coconut ice cream bars, several of those handy coconut pouches you can see in the produce section at Aldi and Lidl, and I've made a bunch of coquito (even though it's more of a winter drink and we are officially in summer.) Visually, right off the bat, I'm going to say, this doesn't have enough coconut. And I'm bummed. 

Scratching the surface, the white swirls, of what I am assuming to be coconut ice cream are there, but they're pretty heavily diluted with milk chocolate. I tried my best to get a spoonful of everything so I could get the full pint-experience. 

I really thought I would love this ice cream, but it's just okay. 

The milk chocolate base reminds me of Yoo-hoo, which is a plus! But when the pint described this flavor as being milk chocolate AND coconut ice creams, I assumed the balance between the two would have been more of a 50-50. This is more like 75% chocolate to 25% coconut, not bad by any means, this is still an enjoyable ice cream, but if you love coconut like I do, this just doesn't deliver. 

In terms of mix-ins, the fudge flakes and shortbread pieces were present, but not overly plentiful. I like the added texture they provided, but I found that even with the mix-ins, the pink didn't live up to it's name. It wasn't ooey, or gooey, and even that cookie-focused. 

This is a serviceable pint, and I will have no trouble finishing it, but it's a one-and-done for me. I still prefer Phish Food, Banana Split, or Cherry Garcia.

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