Monday, June 21, 2021

Coffee, Coffee, Who's Got The Coffee?

Brewed to Matter - Target

Ben and Jerry's has expanded their dairy-free line, created "topped" flavors, "core" flavors, store-exclusive flavors, Netflix tie-ins...and while I did enjoy their (very under appreciated) Punch Line flavor, nothing announced gave me that "I gotta run out to the store to find that"-feeling. 
Punch Line was such a success for me, not for the novelties and branding, but because of the actual flavors. Almond and cherry are a classic combination, which seems boring compared to sugar-cookie-dough cores and fudge meteors, but at the end of the day I want an ice cream that tastes worth the calories, and leaves me wanting more after I've finished the pint. That said, this Target-specific flavor is not trendy or complicated, but it sounds pretty solid. Coffee and chocolate, another classic pairing, but is it well executed? 

Opened, the surface is a warm coffee color, with flecks of chocolate and a few swirls of brownie batter. An unimpressive first-look, but a lot of mix-ins settles a bit further down anyway. So I'm not too discouraged. 

Grabbing a spoonful, I found the "fudge chunks" to be the same chunky chocolate flakes found in other flavors, like Cherry Garcia, but this time around they seem to be bigger and more plentiful. A seemingly good thing, but due to their large size and thickness, I had a hard to getting my spoon through them (especially with the pint fresh from the freezer.)  

If you look towards the tip of my spoon you can see what looks to be a brownie batter swirl, but that's actually one of the fudge chunks. That's how long they were. They actually reminded me of those tiny red plastic sticks that used to come with Handisnacks. (FYI: They got rid of them to be more eco friendly a little while back.) 

The fudge chunks tasted okay. I like the added texture and chocolate flavor, but I do think calling them "fudge" is a bit of an overstatement, in all flavors they're included in. It's kind of like the coating from dark chocolate-covered banana, which I also don't consider to be "fudge." 

The base is a fairly standard coffee, creamy, a little bitter, and not overly sweet. It works nicely with the added texture and flavor from the chunks. 

What about the brownie batter swirl? Well, it was kind of underwhelming. I got maybe 2-3 decent sized swirls in the pint, which had a sugary gritty texture and a kind of Hershey's syrup flavoring. You can see a small one in the above spoon-shot. 

My first bite I thought this was pretty good, and I looked forward to digging deeper and finding more mix-ins and flavoring, but things never got better, or worse. This is an okay pint, that's executed with some decency, but it's nothing to really write home about. In fact, this might just be Coffee, Coffee, BuzzBuzzBuzz, with an added brownie batter swirl.

I liked this pint, and finished it with absolutely no problems, but I didn't feel like it brought anything to the table to make me crave this over other coffee themed ice cream pints, like Sam's Coffee and Donuts. It's good, not great, and if you like Ben and Jerry's other coffee offerings, you'll probably like this one too. 

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