Wednesday, June 16, 2021

The Styrofoam of Ice Creams

 Fruity Pebbles Light Ice Cream Pint - Walgreens

I'm no food scientist, so I can't explain to you the chemical make-up of...whatever this is. Instead, let me explain it to you with childhood memories and products.

This stuff is foamy, but creamy, think of the stuff you normally find in-between the cookies of really cheap ice cream sandwiches. You know, that stuff at the grocery store that comes in the ridiculously huge plastic tub with a handle, but somehow costs less than the smaller paper cartons of ice cream. The styrofoam of ice creams, that somehow stays perfectly in shape and doesn't drip no matter how hot it gets. That's what this stuff is.

The pint is so light weight that it nearly feels fake, and even fresh from the freezer, the spoon dips in with only a slight resistance. 

First bite, is surprisingly good. You have soft, foamy, vanilla "ice cream" that melts quickly with a recognizable citrusy flavoring that could only be Fruity Pebbles. There are even a few "bedrock bits" mixed in for added cereal-like crunch. I think they're some kind of white chocolate confection with cereal bits inside. Why not use normal cereal? Well I am pretty sure it would get soggy. (Which is why Fruity Pebbles are best eaten dry or as cereal bars, IMO.) There are also pink-ish red swirls that look like gel icing with even more citrusy Fruity Pebbles flavoring. Let me tell you, it's damn accurate.  

This delivers exactly what it promised, Fruity Pebbles flavor, but in "light ice cream" form. The first few bites were great, and I was really impressed, but the foamy fakeness eventually started getting to me. I take no pride (or shame) in this, but I can demolish a pint of real ice cream pretty darn fast, even when I'm not super into the flavor. Just last week I had three gourmet ice cream sandwiches from The Franklin Fountain for lunch in the middle of a work day. But this? After a few bites the "ice cream" started to get really soft, which made it lose density and texture, making this a lot less satisfying. I am trying to think of another word other than foamy to describe it, but it best captures the texture and feeling. I feel like I am not eating food. 

At first this seemed to be a hit, but now...I find eating it to be a little annoying? The flavor execution is great, and I couldn't imagine it being any more accurate, but the vehicle is lacking. Maybe it's the fact that this is a pint is just too much. Maybe in novelty bar form, with cereal bits on the outside, this would feel more substantial. Or if it were in some kind of ice cream sandwich creation. Having it be something meant to be eaten in one sitting might be the solution here. 

If you're a major ice cream addict, this base will leave something to be desired, and I don't see myself buying it again, but it definitely has potential. 

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