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Ah Chex Mix, We Meet Again - Strawberry Yogurt Simply Chex

Strawberry Yogurt Chex Mix
- Target
Did anyone else go through obsessive snacking phases as a teen, or was it just me? There was one summer I was absolutely obsessed with Herr's BBQ potato chips. I ate them until I was absolutely sick of them. I moved on to Pizza/Ranch Doritos which I ate religiously until they were discontinued. Then I became obsessed with Chex Mix for a few years, but this was back when it was new, in a blue and white bag, and it still had bagel chips. (I also think the pieces covered in extra seasoning were far more plentiful back then.) There is actually a fun rant about which pieces are the best in The Venture Bros. episode, A Very Venture Halloween.
The extra-seasoned rice Chex were my holy grail during snacking, I could easily demolish an entire bag while seeking them out. But, like the BBQ chips, eventually I made myself sick of it, so I moved on to something else. 
During my Chex-Mix-less years, things changed. More flavors, both sweet and savory, have come and gone, and, as stated earlier, bagel chips are MIA in the original mix (but we still keep two different types of meh-flavored-pretzels? Blasphemy!)

I think I have only tried a handful of the different varieties. I remember a caramel turtle flavor, a chocolate one, and the bold mix (which I hoped was 100% extra seasoned pieces, so I was very disappointed when it wasn't). I think that's it, but honestly, none of the other flavors appealed to me. Even now, I bought this flavor on a complete whim. At best I had hopes this would taste like breakfast cereal, at worst? Chapstick or maybe NesQuik. So, will this be a new snacking obsession, or a regrettable impulse buy? 

Unlike it's savory brethren, this mix is simple. (Hence the name.) No pretzels, no bread sticks, just straight-up cereal pieces. I thought we might have yogurt chips, or freeze dried strawberries in here, but simplicity might be it's strength. After all, the cereal bits are my favorite. 

There are three different Chex cereal varieties: Strawberry Yogurt Chex, Strawberry flavored Corn Chex, and Strawberry Flavored Wheat Chex. 

Strawberry Yogurt Chex:  It has a thick coating of "yogurt" with a few red flecks. These are the least plentiful in the bag, but they are the boldest flavor-wise. Maybe it's just me, but when I hear "yogurt covered" I immediately think of those waxy coated raisins I ate as a kid, so I was worried these would be white chocolatey and gross, but they're actually amazing. The coating melts on your tongue, it has a bright tangy strawberry flavor, mixed with a sugary Muddy Buddy texture, and if this were a breakfast cereal, it would put FrankenBerry to shame. It's sweet, tangy, and delicious. It doesn't make me think of strawberry yogurt, but it's definitely in the strawberry ballpark. And I am 100% into the extra tanginess. 

Strawberry Flavored Corn Chex:
Is this an actual breakfast cereal? Have I been sleeping on Chex flavors for breakfast? At a glance, these pieces look bland and naked, especially when compared to the yogurt-pieces, but they do have a bit of flavor on their own. It's the same tangy strawberry as the previous piece, but a lot weaker, with a corn cereal aftertaste. They're pretty delicious, and if this is a breakfast option, I am going to have to check it out. 

Strawberry Flavored Wheat Chex: The weakest flavor of the three. These offer a crispier texture and more intense crunch than the corn-based pieces, but the strawberry flavoring is really weak. I actually like the flavor of wheat Chex, so I like having these in the mix to break things up, but if they were a thing completely on their own, they would be sad. 

Combined, that is when this really shines and gets downright addictive. You get a sweet sugary burst from the yogurt bits, the extra crunch from the Wheat Chex and an aftertaste that is what sugary breakfast cereals used to be like in the 90's. The bag says a serving size is a half cup, and that is 130 calories. Pffft.    

There is no way you can just eat a half cup of this stuff. In the time it took me to write this post, I went through a quarter of the bag. (Also, how in the heck is this "Family Sized," I feel like this is near to the same size as the Chex Mix bags I decimated in one sitting in high school. This bag will give me 2-3 days of snacking, TOPS.)

If you liked Berry Kix as a kid, or other fruity breakfast cereals, this is the snack for you. I did not expect to like it as much as I do, and I really hope this line expands to include more fruity flavors. A lemon or key lime version of this would probably blow my mind, but given that we already have blueberry Chex in the cereal aisle, maybe a blueberry muffin mix is more likely to appear in the near future. 

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  1. I love the strawberry cream Chex mix but would love more pieces of the cereal that has the heavy strawberry coding on it. There is not enough in the bag. Also, this is not a family size bag. They are the same size as all the other ones. I can eat a quarter or more of the bag in one setting. Put more strawberry tang in it, and I will be addicted.!!!