Monday, June 26, 2023

Ultimate Mystery - Coke Creations: Ultimate

"Ultimate," the newest flavor in Coke's Creations line, has been released, and the novelty of these whimsical concept-based soda flavors still draws me in like a moth to the flame. 

This flavor is branded with a video game theme, more specifically, League of Legends (abbreviated as, "LoL." No joke.) 

Arcane, the Netflix series, is loosely based on the characters from LoL, and I really liked it, but from what I understand, the plot of the show has nothing at all to do with the gameplay, and from the looks of it, neither does this soda. 

We have an implied-gold label that fades to black with some subtle line art in the background. The background pattern isn't anything I recognize from the show, and since I don't play the game, I would describe it as sorta of steam-punk-y. The shapes look vaguely mechanical, but they certainly aren't gears or anything like that. There's also a mid-sized LoL logo to the far left of the bottle, which is an interesting choice to me. Why not front and center? Everything about this collab feels really subtle, and understated, which is great for non-gamers so they don't feel put-off and will remain interested in the product, but I imagine fans of the game are wondering, why even have the tie-in at all? 

Opened, it seems less carbonated than usual, and the aroma is sweet, and obscurely fruity. I know there is some kind of flavoring in here, but I have no idea what it could be based on scent alone. 

Taking a sip, I'm still pretty stumped. It's fruity for sure, which is a safe bet seeing as how the majority of this line has been fruit-focused, but...what fruit is this? 

Pear? I would say Pear would be my first guess after initial sipping, but as I continued I started to question it. Maybe it could be melon? This is enjoyable, whatever it is, and it seems far less carbonated than other Coke flavors I have had in the past, but I have a really hard time trying to pinpoint whatever flavor it's going for. 

It's probably easier to list what I think this isn't. Apple? No. Strawberry? No. Definitely not. It's not tart or zesty enough to be a citrus fruit, so there goes lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit. Cherry? No way. Definitely not blueberry either,, or any tropical fruit like coconut or pineapple. 

So, what does that leave? Pears, peaches, plums, melon...

According to a quick Google search, general consensus is leaning towards peaches, but I just ate fresh peaches for breakfast and I would say this isn't even close. The official Coke Website describes this as: 

"The limited-edition flavor, made in co-creation with Riot Games, takes the recognizable Coca-Cola® taste and adds the electrifying taste of +XP."

"Electrifying," is quite the overstatement. This is really mild and sweet. Whatever this is meant to be, it's vaguely fruity enough to be up for interpretation, but it's still enjoyable. I won't have any trouble finishing these bottles, but my biggest complaint would be the lack of carbonation. These are brand new sealed bottles, and they taste like they have already been open for a few hours and lost their fizz. Which is certainly not living up to their, "electrifying" claims. 

If you're a fan of the rest of the Creations line, I would say this is definitely worth trying. It's just not a flavor I will be stocking up on, or missing once it's gone. 

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