Friday, March 17, 2023

MOVE Peeps, Get out tha' Way! - Coke MOVE

I am VERY tired. It's been a really long week with me working overtime and I want nothing more than to just crawl right into bed, but I really want to get back into posting consistently, so here's a quickie.

Coke Creations is back again with another intangibly themed soda, this time we have "Move." A "transformation flavored" soda. What does that mean? Your guess is as good as mine! 

The novelty hasn't worn off yet. I still find these to be a lot of fun, especially the artist collaborations resulting in unique branding, but this design is a bit of a miss for me.

I love the sketching looking red-colored "Creations" logo, I like the sketchy look to the  logo art, courtesy of Rosalia, but the font front and center, right at the top, saying, "Move Limited Edition," is super triggering. By day, I'm a production manager at a print shop, and I have been working in graphic design for over a decade, white text with a thick black stroke CAN be done well, but this ain't it. The zero sugar version of this flavor has a black label, where the text doesn't have the stroke and it looks much better, but I can't do fake sugars. (In moderate amounts, fake sugar can trigger vertigo for me and I would need medical intervention to make it stop.) 

It may be small, but that little clump of text really has me triggered, and I hate it. The black version of the label is way better. 

So, what does, "transformation," taste like?

Opened, it smells like Coke, duh. But there is something slightly off about it. My first thought is that it reminds me a little of the buttered popcorn Jelly Belly bean. It's slightly savory, but still overwhelming sweet. In a movie theater butter kind of way, with a hint of pineapple. 

Taking a sip, I'm pretty sure they're going for coconut-here, which makes sense. A lot of the other Creations flavors have been fruit-focused. But I want to say there's a bit on pineapple in there was well. This is making me think of the slushie pina coladas my mom would get me when we shopped at K-Mart in my childhood. Mixed with Coke, of course. 

As first taste, it feels rather tropical, and different from any other Coke flavor I've had before, but the more I sip, the more this fake buttery flavoring comes forward. More-so as an aftertaste. After a sip, when I am running around and doing things, my mouth tastes like I have had something covered in artificial movie theater butter. But not in a good way.   

I am still loving the overall concept behind Coke Creations, and I'm still looking forward to the next one, but this might be my least favorite so far in terms of actual drinkability and flavor. And I LOVE coconut! I actually just made cookies with coconut in them, a batch of Irish potatoes, and I treated myself to a little snack pouch of raw coconut chunks from Lidl the other day. So my dislike doesn't come from a personal preference against coconut itself, just the particular way this flavor was executed.   

My ranking so far would be: 

    1. Starlight
    2. Dreamworld 
    3. Byte (fake sugar is the only reason this ranks so low) 
    4. Marshmello's Watermelon-Strawberry
    5. Move

Looking forward to the next flavor in this line-up. What theme do you think they'll go with next? I'm honestly too tired to even try to guess at this point, but I know I'll definitely be trying it! (Also, happy St. Patrick's Day!) 

Fans of this would also like: Naps. Cozy blankets. Hot bubble baths. Foot massages. I. Am. So. Tired. 

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