Wednesday, March 15, 2023

PEEPSI - Peeps Flavored Pepsi

Why is this not labeled "PEEPSI?" Sure, it's silly, but this is soda flavored like marshmallow chicks. If the time to be silly isn't now, then when? (It's very fun to say out loud. You should try it.) 

I've reviewed a veritable glut of Peep flavors on the blog, so even though they're a pretty divisive candy, safe to say, I fricken love them and, like I mentioned in my Dr. Pepper (Dr. Peepers) post, I prefer them aged like a fine wine. (AKA: Stale AF.) But I'm also a Pepsi drinker. So, Peeps flavored Pepsi for a Peep-loving Pepsi drinking casual food blogger? Yes, please! 

For the record, this isn't new-new. Peeps flavored Pepsi was previously released as part of a promotional campaign on social media. You had to interact with posts, post a photo of yourself, tag the campaign and tag several of your "peeps," all so you could be entered for the chance to win a pack of multicolored soda cans. (Or you could just be an influencer.)  

I am no influencer, and I am a hermit, but my love for Peeps overcame my antisocial tendencies, so I did participate in the contest, but, no luck. (I really didn't try -that- hard. Contests with friend-tagging make me feel gross and spammy.) I guess it went well enough to get a wide, in-store, release this year. I scooped these bottles up at Target, but it's also available in a 10-pack of mini cans. 

The label is bright yellow, with a matching yellow cap, and a classic yellow chick illustration in the lower right corner of the Pepsi logo. It's bold enough to stand out in the fridges and on the shelves, but it's very simple with a modern-feel. 

If you look close, the label isn't actually a solid yellow at all. There's a subtle Peep-pattern in the background using bunny and chick-shapes. It shows up much clearer in photos than it does to the naked eye. I didn't even notice it until I removed the label to add it to my binder of, "random wrappers that look cool enough to keep." 

Opened, it smells like Pepsi-cola, but extra sweet and sugary with tons of vanilla. Upon first sniff, I was reminded of a jumbo Pepsi Vanilla chapstick I had from Claire's. Seriously, I've been making my own vanilla extract for over a year now (it's super easy!), so I'm pretty familiar with vanilla, and this smells like they just dumped a whole bottle's worth in there. In a good way. 

Taking a sip, it's vanilla-focused but very different from the normal Vanilla Pepsi. It's smooth,impressively creamy, and the aftertaste is fairly authentic marshmallow. It actually reminds me of Marshmallow Fluff in particular, but I won't nitpick, marshmallow is marshmallow. There is still a healthy amount of classic Pepsi cola flavoring in there, so I wouldn't say this is a Peeps soda. It definitely delivers what it promised: Peeps-flavored Pepsi-cola.

First sip seemed really impressive, and I was super into it. A few sips in, and this felt syrupy sweet, and a little overwhelming. I was worried that it was a bit too much for me, I prefer Pepsi to Coke for it's slightly more tart and tangy flavoring. (I mean it's all essentially hummingbird nectar, but I still prefer Pepsi.) Thankfully, reaching the halfway point in the bottle, I found myself loving it again.  

Soda isn't used to quench thirst, and given how sweet and sugary this is, I found myself craving more water after drinking than I did before I drank it. Which is fine. I use soda like most people use coffee. It's a pick-me up. And this gave me a boost of serotonin (because it's PEEPSI!) and added a little pep to my step at work. 

I wouldn't want this year round, since I don't see it pairing too well with a burger and fries and other such meals, but I'm really glad I got to try this, and I hope to see it back again next year. I would definitely get it again and a seasonal treat. 

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