Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Dr. PEEPers!

Dr. Pepper Peeps - Walmart

I went to Target to grab some baby shower gifts, and was practically punched in the face with novelty Peep products: Ring pops, Peeps-on-a-stick, plushies, hot cocoa, Peep-flavored-Pepsi, (aka "Peep-si")...but not this. 

I think it's Walmart exclusive, which is where I picked it up, and while Target may have Peep-themed everything else, I think Walmart still came out on top. But I'm definitely biased. I love Dr. Pepper and I love Peeps (especially stale ones), so it's like this was made for me.

Opened, the vanilla marshmallow mellows it out, but the recognizable spiced cola aroma with a hint of fruit that is distinctly Dr. Pepper is front and center. And the color! The sanding sugar exterior is a muted-cranberry shade reminiscent of Dr. Pepper's branding.

Taking a bite, they taste exactly how they smell. It's sweet and creamy, similar to an ice cream float.

I prefer my Peeps aged like a fine wine, AKA, stale AF. So I popped a few holes in the package and waited. After two weeks they were perfect. The marshmallow gets stiffer, chewier, and I feel like the soda flavoring comes across even more accurately. 

The package doesn't say, "Limited Edition," or, "seasonal," or "NEW," it here to stay? If not, then I hope it at least becomes a regular in their seasonal rotation. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a novelty Peep this much.

It's ranking in your Peep-hierarchy may vary depending on your preferences, but for me, this is a top-tier Peep. If you're a fan of Peeps, and/or Dr. Pepper, you'll probably love it too.

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  1. That's kind of a brilliant Peeps strategy -- we may have to try that one day 👏