Friday, March 3, 2023

LOOK Choco Mint Ice Sand

"Ice sand?" Looking at this product's name, some of you may be a little confused.

"Sand" is short for "sandwich."  Or, "sando." Which is also short for sandwich. Basically, Japan doesn't have time for your long, not-cute, words. (Joking.) Reading manga and watching anime, I'm pretty familiar with this shortened term, but even if you weren't I think the context clues make it rather obvious that this is ice cream sandwich themed. In this case, a chocolate mint one.

This flavor combination is pretty boring by today's standards, but it's a classic that's stood the test of time for a reason. And it's a safe bet. I've never had this particular item before, but I still know exactly what I'm getting. (And it doesn't hurt that it's wrapped in a very cute, purse-friendly, package.) 

Outside, we have a slim cardboard box, and it's resealable! Inside that, a small plastic bag, to lock in freshness, and inside that? A cardboard tray with individual chocolate mint candies shaped like little gems. Adorable! Actually, now that I think about it, they could be going for an ice cube shape, which would make sense with the ice and ice cream theme. I like how the packaging makes this easy to carry and to put away after light snacking, but it can also be rather wasteful. At the very least, 2/3rds of it are cardboard and recyclable. 

They look adorable, but, flavor-wise, they're just okay. 

You have mint flavored white chocolate, a layer of milk chocolate, and crunchy chocolate cookie pieces inside. It's exactly what it promised it would be, so I can't say I'm disappointed, but it is rather forgettable. Other chocolate mint candies out there execute the flavor better, like Andes mints. I will have no problem at all finishing this package, but when it's gone, I don't think I'd repurchase this, at least, not this particular flavor. 

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