Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Love is actually NOT the secret ingredient - GT's Pure Love Kombucha - Winter Edition

Another blog post, another seasonal kombucha. Let's jump right into it! 

First sip and, it's so refreshing! I immediately love it. 

The blood orange really comes through: bright, juicy, and zesty. It tastes like it was freshly squeezed right into the bottle. It actually overpowers nearly everything else in this blend to the point where I barely taste kombucha at all. It's more-so a really fancy, elevated, orange juice. But I'm not complaining. 

Looking at the ingredient list, it might not get front-label billing, but kiwi juice is mentioned, and I can definitely taste that. I wouldn't be able to pin-point it flavor-wise without reading it on the label, but there's a complexity to the flavor that doesn't come from the three flavors advertised on the front. 

Rose and hibiscus definitely add complexity, and color, but are otherwise barely detectable. Which is great for me, since I am still dipping my toes into the world of flower-flavors foods.  

This was made for me. I love orange juice, and I love kombucha, but I've never thought to mix the two, but it works so well! 

The label says "winter edition," so I really hope I can get it again next year, if not, year-round. In my opinion, this is what all the fancy brunch places in the city should be serving. Not classic orange juice with champagne or whatever booze goes into those bubbly brunch-y beverages (I don't like the taste of alcohol so I am clueless about that stuff.) 

This is a great flavor for kombucha newbies to start with. The citrus covers up a lot of the tangy vinegar-like aspects of the fermented tea. But, for that very same reason, hard core kombucha people will probably hate this because it is so sweet and juicy. 

Have you tried this? What did you think of it? 

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