Monday, February 27, 2023

Berries 'n Cream - Dr. Pepper Edition

New Dr. Pepper has dropped and, for me, the timing could not be better.  

I've been craving strawberry ice cream for weeks, but I already have 4 different flavors in my freezer, so, until I consume what I have (and blog about it), I'm not letting myself buy anymore ice cream. (Sporadic food blogger problems.) I actually walked to a local ice cream shop for a scoop, so I could scratch the itch without taking up freezer space, but there was a note posted saying they were closed for the rest of the month. (Even though I saw them open the day before! A literal sign from the universe?) 

Then Dr. Pepper swoops in with THIS! A 20 oz. bottle of strawberries and cream themed soda. 

Opened, the soda has the classic, multifaceted, Dr. Pepper profile, mixed with strawberries. And it's more authentic than I expected! I feared that it would lean really artificial, like that translucent red Bosco syrup (that I hate), but this really does smell like the strawberry bits you'd find in ice cream. Fruity, a little concentrated and jammy, and only slightly artificial. You'd never sniff this and think real strawberry bits or actual nutritional value were in it, but it does immediately remind me of a cola-float. So I would say the ice cream illusion works. Smell-wise. Does it translate into taste? 

Taking a's fantastic. 

Texture-wise, this is soda. Plain and simple. But the flavoring is sweet and creamy, without any actual cream! I would liken it to a Dr. Pepper mixed with a fast-food strawberry milkshake. The kind made with soft serve and a scoop of strawberry topping. (i.e. McDonald's.) The smoothness and lack of any texture what-so-ever evokes a more processed kind of flavor, which is why it leans more fast-food than ice cream shop, but it's impressive none the less.

I expected this to be fun, and maybe tide me over, but this actually satisfied my craving!

My go-to soda-float combination has always been root-beer (I'm not brand loyal, any root-beer will do) with a scoop of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia (and a fat boba-sized straw to drink it with.) This has opened up a new combination for me. Dr. Pepper and strawberry ice cream. Who knew?!

The bottle doesn't say limited edition, or seasonal, or is this here to stay? I think so! Which is great because I've honestly fallen in love with it. And it really did satisfy my strawberry ice cream cravings! If you're a fan of Dr. Pepper, or ice cream, or ice cream floats, be sure to give this a try. I can't see anyone, short of an allergy, not liking this. 

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