Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Quickie Review: Dr. Pepper & Cream Soda, Better than the Original?

Dr. Pepper & Cream Soda

Last I heard, Dr. Pepper had a limited edition birthday cake flavor that was only available through some kind of online birthday club thing. I love Dr. Pepper, but I hate the anxiety and rush that comes from chasing down limited edition products, especially when they're limited to online releases, raffles, sign-ups, and social media contests. So, I didn't participate, but I was sad that I missed out. Then there was a 2015 Dr. Pepper themed water ice at Rita's that was only available in Texas, no where near me. Again, kinda bummed I missed out on that as well. 

That was the last I had heard about anything Dr. Pepper related. So when I saw Dr. Pepper and Cream soda at Walmart I thought, "huh, why not?" 

Like the Snickers and MilkyWay bars I reviewed last week, this is another slight variation on a classic. It seems like companies are getting less interested in fully reinventing the wheel, and more into making a smoother ride. (Does that metaphor work?...I don't think it does.) Anyway, it seems like minor tweaks and slight variations are in, and so I thought I would check this out to see if I love this as much as I love normal Dr. Pepper. 

 When opened, the soda inside smells familiar, but slightly smoother than usual, and maybe even a littler flatter? The smell is recognizable as Dr. Pepper, but at first sniff, I could mistake this for a knock-off or house brand.

Taking a sip, the creamy addition definitely takes the edge off of traditional Dr. Pepper. It's familiar, but creamy, and even more sweet than usual. It you mixed a 2 liter of normal Dr. Pepper with a single bottle of Stewart's cream soda, it would probably taste exactly like this. Nothing surprising about it, it's a creamy take on Dr. Pepper, but what I did find surprising is that I wasn't in love with it. 

I've always liked cream sodas, Stewart's and Jones' being my favorites, and I love Dr. Pepper. In theory, combining two things you love should be great, but I'm left feeling a bit unsatisfied. Maybe Dr. Pepper cherry is more my speed?  

If you're a fan of vanilla Coke, you'll probably love this, but I think my two loves, cream soda and Dr. Pepper, and more satisfying for me if kept separate.  

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