Friday, February 19, 2021

Garlic Bread, Without The Bread? - Parmesan Garlic Kettle Chips

NEW Kettle Brand Parmesan Garlic Chips
- Walmart

If you're eating something Italian, and it's delicious, it's usually thanks to garlic and parmesan. This dynamic flavor duo is responsible for some of the most delicious things in the world, pasta, pizza, and best of all, garlic bread.  

So, when Cheesy Garlic Bread won Lay's Do Us a Flavor contest when it was first introduced, I wasn't surprised. What did surprise me, however, is how quickly that new "permanent" flavor of chips would disappear. A year or two and they were no where to be found. Then, a few years later, a dupe would start rotating as a special buy item at Aldi, and then at Lidl, and now here? Well these aren't officially marketing themselves as "garlic bread," so that might not be a fair assessment, but...isn't it close enough?   

Will these taste like kettle-style garlic bread? 

When opened, the chips inside smell surprisingly sweet, and I can't quite put my finger on why. Could it be the oil they were fried in? I mean sugar is listed towards the ends of the ingredients list, so I don't think that is strong enough to cause such a significant dent in the aroma, but...maybe? Other than the sweetness, I can smell onion, garlic, and a buttery dairy scent. It's probably meant to be cheese, but it comes off as more of a sour cream than anything else. Actually, after a few sniffs, these smell like a kind of weird take on sour cream and onion chips. Not weird in a bad way, but definitely familiar, yet, different.   

Maybe if you mixed sour cream based onion dip with pasta water? I'm hoping they taste a bit better than they smell. 

Grabbing a chip, they actually have a bunch of green flecks on them. Herbs? Dried green onion?  I'm not sure, but they look a lot like normal sour cream and onion chips, and they feel really dusty against my finger tips, so here's hoping they're packed with flavor dust. 

I popped a chip into my mouth, the initial flavor isn't all that great. It's garlicy, but oddly sweet in a way I'm not really feeling, but the best thing about this chip is after the tangy, but sweet, creamy garlic flavor subsides you're left with a pretty yummy parmesan after taste. The after taste is salty, cheesy, and very authentic. Like grabbing a wad of freshly grated cheese off your plate and shoving it into your mouth. The aftertaste makes me crave more, but each fresh bite has that sweet, sour-creamy, garlic flavor to get through first before the true deliciousness sets in. 

This isn't true love, but it certainly is addiction. I keep coming back for more just to feed the aftertaste and keep it going.  

Do you like cheddar and sour cream chips? These are just like that, with an Italian twist. As someone who prefers sour cream and onion, these aren't the perfect chip for me, but they'll do for right now. 

Are you a cheddar and sour cream lover? Will you give these a try? 

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