Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Caffeinated Peeps? - Donut Shop Coffee Peeps

Donut Shop Coffee Peeps - Dollar Tree

It's St. Patrick's Day tomorrow, and I don't have anything on-theme, but this package is I'm going with it.

After years of doing this, I knew I had eaten a lot of Peeps, but typing "Peeps" into my blog's search bar still blew my mind. So many variations have come and gone! Mystery, Alex's Lemonade, Gingerbread...and yet, I don't think any of them were coffee based. 

Sure, we had Peeps flavored coffee at Dunkin a while back, and a Peeps flavored International Delight coffee creamer, but never an actual coffee flavored chick. Until now. 

When it comes to Donut Shop Coffee isn't this, like,...knock-off Dunkin? I am not a huge coffee drinker so I could be wrong, but I always assumed this was a generic K-cup take on Dunkin Donuts coffee. If that is the case, I think it's funny that this is the brand Peeps partnered with instead of actual branded coffee shop like Dunkin or Starbucks. After all they did a branding deal with Dunkin before, why not do it again? Is this a Hydrox vs. Oreo kind of thing? Where the knock-off surpasses the original in popularity and slowly takes over? 

When opened, I was pleasantly surprised at how strongly the Peeps smelled like coffee. It's a sweet, creamy kind of coffee that makes me think of flavored ice cream more than actually walking into a coffee shop, but it's still spot-on and very appealing. 

I grabbed a little Peep and took a bite, and these are actually pretty darn good. You have fluffy marshmallow, crunchy sugar crystals, and a very sweet, very creamy, coffee flavoring. Again it leans more ice-cream-like than an actual cup of coffee, unless you take yours with tons of sugar and cream, but I'm still impressed. Everything about it works really well. 

There is a bit of a coffee breath-like after taste that lingers, but I think that is bound to happen with any coffee or coffee themed product. After tastes or not, these are pretty darn good, and I could see it being a cute topper to fancy home made coffee drinks, or toasted and blended into coffee ice cream milkshakes for a little extra oomph. (The milkshake idea actually sounds amazing and like something I need to try in the near future.)  

If you like your coffee black, or you're a Peep-hater, these aren't for you. But if you drink fancy frappes, these are perfect and I think they might be worthy of a permanent position in the Peeps line-up.  

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