Monday, March 20, 2023

Rabbit Season! Duck Season! Girl Scout Season!

This year I don't have a friend or family member participating in Girl Scouts, which is how I would normally end up buying a box or two. (Gotta support your friends!) So I thought I was in the clear, after all I still have a ton of other food to review, but they still got me! 

Every Friday night, a troop camped out at the train station and I could only resist for so long. It was a long week, the kids are there at the table trying to sell cookies, and everyone else is walking on by ignoring them...and they got me. I picked up two boxes of flavors I haven't had before. 

Adventurefuls and Toast-Yay!

Toast-Yay - Is this flavor's name a reference to something? A play on the word "hooray?" Or some kind of Girl scout thing? I get that it's toast-shaped, and has a French toast flavoring, but the name is so clunky. Why not something French? I know I'm over thinking it, but something about it just bothers me. 

Unlike the others, that come in boxes with multiple sleeves or sections of cookies, this is one row of massive cookies. Other flavors are 1-2-bite-sized, these are easily a 4-biter. They're toast-shaped, so it's on-theme, with a white chocolate bottom and a mapley flavor. Overall, the maple flavoring and the cookie portion are pretty nice, and different from any other cookie I've had from the Girl Scouts, but the white chocolate is overkill for me. It's very creamy and sweet. I wish it were more of a drizzle than a full back-side coating, but I tend to be in the minority when it comes to these things. (I like Oreos for the cookie, not the creme.) So depending on how sweet you like your cookies, these can be hit or miss. 

I like them, and easily finished off the box at work, but I don't think I'll be buying this one again. (Sorry Girl Scouts.)  

Adventurefuls - This name, I get, and I've been on a salted caramel kick for well over a year now, so the flavor sounds great. Brownie cookies with caramel crème and sea salt, from that description, I expected these to be soft, or at the very least, for the caramel to be chewy. But I was completely wrong. 

The cookie is chocolate based, but thin and crispy, with a chocolate coating across the bottom as well as a drizzle on top. The chocolate coating quality is decent, and the cookie is Oreo-like in flavor even though it's several shades lighter, but the caramel? It's really thin and more-so a caramel flavored white chocolate than actual caramel. The sea salt is probably mixed into the dried caramel puddle, because there is a barely noticeable saltiness to the cookie, but it's no where to be seen. Overall, this is a lot like the salted caramel Oreo, but with the added bonus of extra chocolate. I actually really like it, but I have always preferred crunchy cookies to chewy ones. It was unexpected, but easily my favorite of these two flavors, and it makes my top 3 Girl Scout Cookies.

If you're curious, my ranking is: 

    1. Samoas /Caramel DeLites
    2. Thin Mints
    3. Adventurefuls

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