Wednesday, June 21, 2023

The "New Coke" of Reese's

Creamy & Crunchy Reese's Cups
- Walmart

I want to share one of my favorite College Humor/DropOut videos of all time, Oreo CEO.

Please binge the rest of the CEO videos, Brennan Lee Mulligan is an absolute gift. 

Painfully accurate, right? Especially for junkfood people like me who remember the limited-edition-Oreo-hunting-days, but you know who else might be equally guilty? Reese's. 

They, "done did the good peanut butter cup," and instead of "resting on their laurels," they are back at it again with a smooth and a crunchy version of their classic peanut butter cup. Are these improvements? Or completely unnecessary? 

Quick thing to address, the photos look melty and unappealing, because it was really hot on photo-day and I didn't feel like retaking them. For the record, I have eaten them in their normal, solid state as well melty-mess, so no melty-snap judgements here. 

Since I am a smooth peanut butter kind of girl, I am going with that options first. 

Is it different than normal Reese's? Yes. Is it better? No. 

This has that off-brand peanut butter cup taste. It's chocolate, it's peanut butter, but it's not as satisfying as a normal Reese's. It's crazy that  removing the iconic crumbly filling texture changes the experience this drastically. They're acceptable, but I'd never pick this over normal Reese's. And that's coming from a smooth PB-person. 

Crunchy wasn't something I was looking forward to, because I only like actual peanuts in savory applications, like in Thai food. Peanuts in my cookies or candy is normally a, "hell-no,"-for me, and this is no different. 

Again, it's chocolate, it's peanut butter, and this time we have peanut bits. It's acceptable, but I like it even less than the creamy version. It has the same knock-off taste, but with a crunch, and even though I'm normally a texture-person, this isn't for me. Reese's Pieces? Yes! Actual Peanuts? No.

I don't think Reese's could make a truly bad, universally hated, product if they tried. Chocolate and peanut butter is just too perfect a pairing, and their classic cup is absolute perfection. Improving it is a nearly impossible task, but they can easily make it more mediocre...and that's what they did here. These are the, "New Coke," of Reese's.

Maybe the peanut-butter-loving crowd feels differently, but I wouldn't purchase either option again. 

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