Monday, February 6, 2023

Reese's-ception - Breakfast for Candy?

We have a new Big Cup, and this time there's Reese's Puff cereal inside.

I found the last two flavors, pretzel and potato chip, pretty disappointing. Not bad, but far from great. I bought them once to review them, and then never again. But, the one with the Reese's Pieces inside? Amazing. I actually like them more than the original! 

Reese's-ception, doubling down on the good stuff we all know and love, seems to be where their products really shine. And we've gone full-circle. The cereal's slogan was, "It's Reese's, for breakfast!" But now we have...breakfast for Reese's? (The line delivery from that TV ad lives rent free in my head.)  

It's been a minute since I had a Big Cup, so I might be imagining things, but this feels heftier than usual. 

Opened, it looks, and smells, completely normal. If you look closely, the center of the cup has a few bumps on the surface. Faint hints at the cereal inside. But they look smaller than usual. 

I took a bite, and the flavor is pretty much the same as always, but the texture! I'm a big texture person, which is why I love the crunch the Reese's Pieces added to the center of their big cup, and this is even better. The light and crispy cereal doesn't offer much in the way of flavor, but the texture completely won me over. 

Move over Reese's Pieces, there's a new favorite Reese's product in town. 

The cereal inside is smaller than the normal one and crispier. Almost like it has a very thin sugary shell. But that makes sense. Previous big cups used the mini version of the candy, so they probably had to shrink the cereal to make it fit, and I'm guessing the shell prevents the cereal bits from having the same staleness issue I had with the potato chip and pretzel cups. 

This also explains why we're getting that mini Reese's Puff cereal that no one asked for. The company is getting double-duty out of the product. It's tiny enough to fit in the cups, or bars, or whatever else they want to do with it, and they can repack it as a "new" cereal. Pretty sneaky, sis. 

Marketing ploy or not, I really like it. It's been well established that I am into crunchy textures, and this is probably the crunchiest Reese's cup yet. If you're into that, definitely check these out. 

My Big Cup ranking is now: 

    1. Reese's Puff
    2. Reese's Pieces
    3. Crunchy Cookie
    4. Original
    5. Potato Chip / Pretzel (tied for last) 
I'm excited to see what's next! (Banana and marshmallow? Please, and thank you!)

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