Wednesday, March 23, 2022

It Should be A Match Made in Heaven - Reese's with Potato Chips


Reese's with Potato Chips

First we had Reese's filled with Reese's Pieces, a brilliant textural innovation I absolutely adore. (I even prefer them to the original!) Then we got a rerelease of the peanut butter lovers and chocolate lovers versions, dark chocolate, and thins. Unlike Oreo Thins, which turned a cookie into an addicting potato-chip-like snacking experience, Reese's thins left me wanting more. Then we got the announcement that there would be a pretzel filled Reese's cup, and a potato chip one. Both flavors sound amazing in theory, but how is the execution?

Pretzel filled Reese's added more texture, which is normally a plus for me, but it didn't live up to my expectations. I wanted it to be like chocolate covered pretzels meets Reese's, but it fell flat. I had higher hopes for the potato chip version...but I couldn't find it anywhere. 

During a recent Walmart run where I got a -little- carried away buying junkfood, I spotted the pretzel Reese's display at the end cap near check-out. But, even though all the signage and artwork said Pretzel... it's blue? At last! I grabbed three, because it's got to be good, right? 

I'm no stranger to the potato chip candy game. I buy chocolate covered potato chips from local confectionary, Aunt Charlotte's, and I add potato chip shrapnel from the bottom of the bag to my chocolate chip cookie recipe for added salty-goodness. So I had high hopes.  

Taking a bite, due to the big-cup nature, the ratios are a little different than normal, so I mainly tasted milk chocolate and felt a textural crunch, kind of like kettle chip bread crumbs. As I chewed the chips provided a crispy, crunchy, texture, like a Kettle chip version of Rice Krispies, with a bit of potato-y flavor as an after taste. Kind of like those cans of potato sticks, but far less salty. Something about it just didn't scratch the itch I had hoped it would. 

It's crispy, and crunchy, chocolatey, peanut buttery, and yet...kind of stale. The same way I found the pretzel version to taste oddly stale. Maybe I am spoiled by the chocolate covered potato chips from Aunt Charlotte's. They are hand dipped and bagged up on site, so they're likely fresher than a factory packaged peanut butter cup, but no matter how long a bag of them sits in my kitchen cabinets, they never taste stale like this does.  

It's still a Reese's, so it's delicious, just not as delicious as I had hoped. It's yummy, but in a sad, leftover Halloween candy that sat too long, kind of yummy. I'm glad I finally found it, and I love the idea, but something about these crunchy inclusions needs to be tweaked. Did you ever try these? Were they stale or did I get a bad batch or something? 

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  1. yup.. compleyely agree with your assessment... although it might be a signal of a future night where I take a bag of reeces and a bag of potatoes chips and crush them together 💀💀

    my stomach is going to hurt but I bet it will be worth it 😂😂