Monday, March 21, 2022

Haribo is Turning Blue for their 100th Birthday - I'm Blue, Gummi-dee, Gummie-dye!

Something tragic occurred in my personal life back in January and it really threw me for a loop. I haven't been able to focus or find the energy to do anything outside of my day job and maintaining my house and pets. Running this blog makes me happy (even if it doesn't pay the bills) so I am trying to dip my toes back into it in an effort to regain a bit of happiness and normalcy in my life, so I picked something quick and easy to kick things off. (FYI these reviews aren't posting in order. so I buried this rougher one under a few of my more "normal" posts from when I got a bit better.)  

There is only one new flavor in this bag, but I love gummy candy so much that I couldn't resist making this it's own post, so we'll just focus on one new flavor/shape.


Haribo is celebrating their 100th anniversary with a few releases in 2022. We have special edition bags of all pineapple gummi bears, which have already been popping up at Dollar Tree here in America, an all blue raspberry bag, and this original mix with added blue raspberry party hats. (As well as a promise of one additional, new, flavor to be released later this year.) 

Haribo is no stranger to blue sweets. There was a blueberry bear inside Starmix, covered by Kev's Snack Reviews in 2013, and blue gummi Smurfs in Eastern Europe. (Where Smurfs are still very popular.) Recently I have started seeing Smurf gummies popping up stateside as well. But I don't know if the Smurfs are just berry flavored, blueberry flavored, or blue raspberry flavored. I ate some years ago and can't remember anymore. So maybe this flavor truly is new-new.  

The party hats come in several patterns: stars, dots, and stripes, which is a detail I didn't expect. I appreciate that there is some diversity. 

I popped a party hat into my mouth and it But a light, almost watery, blue. Like a blue Slurpee that's slightly melted so you get more watery ice mixture than straight sugar syrup. Or the first bite of a blue freezer popsicle. It's yummy, and different from the red raspberry found in the original mix, but not a huge night and day difference. I was surprised by how refreshing it is. Which is an odd descriptor for a gummy candy, but I can't think of anything more accurate. It's not as bold or intense as a Jolly Rancher, but it definitely tastes more blue than red.  

"Ye're a wizard, Bear-y."

I do like it quite a bit, and visually having blue in the bag is a lot of fun, but if it does disappear, I don't feel like I would miss it all that much. It's just a bluer version of red.   

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  1. I think maybe cotton candy/bubble gum flavor would be nice.

  2. That additional new flavor is watermelon (already popped up at some stores)