Friday, January 29, 2021

Covid Safe Tastebud Travel with Haribo Passport Mix

Haribo Passport

To celebrate 100 years of Haribo goodness, we have this limited Passport Mix featuring popular Haribo branded candy from around the world. Products from Germany, America, Spain, Ireland, the UK, and Portugal. 

It's a really fun concept, especially when we are all stuck at home and can't travel, but I do think they dialed things back to make sure the items in this mix were more safe and palatable than what is truly popular in other countries. To me, Haribo is synonymous with fruity, gummy candies, as well as black licorice, and there isn't a single spec of licorice in the bag. I may not have liked black licorice when I was younger, but it's something that has grown on me over the years and now I find myself slightly disappointed that it's not included in this mix, but I get it. Licorice is divisive, and if it had been included it would have turned off a lot of American consumers as well as "infected" the rest of the fruity flavors in the bag. From a commercial standpoint, this makes sense, but part of me wants to see some of the more unique and popular global offerings represented. 

Regardless of the lack of licorice, I am excited to jump right in and give all of these a try!


Haribo Golden Bears 
- What can I say, they're classic Haribo gummy bears. Since this is a small bag you only get a few of them, so I didn't get the full 5-flavor line-up, but as far as I'm concerned, every Haribo gummy flavor is a winner, so no complaints there. 

Haribo Happy Cherries - I got a decent amount of these gummy cherries. They're significantly larger than the bears, and pretty much all the other offerings. I'm glad they're in this mix, because I always wanted to try them, but never wanted to commit to a full bag. And that was the right call. These a good, but not great. Light fruity flavoring, similar to red-Golden Bears, but the large cherry shapes have a slightly awkward mouth-feel. I definitely wouldn't kick them out of the mix, but they aren't my favorite. 

Haribo Happy Cola - I LOVE these. Always have, always will. They have a flat cola-like flavoring that leans heavily towards lemon that isn't quite the same as actual brown cola, but it is so good I really don't care. If they ever stop making these, I will riot.

Haribo Brixx 
- These were a brand new product for me and man, are they good. They have a softer exterior than Haribo gummies, more like true licorice, and the center is soft, creamy and foamy. These come in three flavors, apple, pear, and strawberry. My bag only had the clear/yellow pear flavors, and they are so freaking good! It's such a bright and unique flavor, especially when compared to most American candies which usually leave pear out. These made me want to go out and buy a full bag of Brixx for the full 3-flavor experience. 

Haribo Balla Balla- These look similar to a candy I previously purchased at IKEA. It's a fruit leather-like exterior with a chalky, but creamy interior. Like a fruity version of Cow Tales. These come in cola, lemon, strawberry, cherry, and apple. I only had pink pieces in my bag, which I think are strawberry, and they were texturally very pleasant, but the flavor wasn't my favorite. It's very light, but generic, kind of like a Twizzler but filled with sugary cream. I mostly liked the change-up in texture, since a lot of the other products in this bag are straight-up gummy candies. 

Haribo Rings - I only got one of these in my bag, and from what I can tell this flavor is orange. It's not as zesty as Haribo Golden Bear's orange, it's significantly more juicy in my opinion and mandarin-like, and I enjoyed it, but not enough to make we want to go out and buy a bag of these instead of Golden Bears. 

Haribo Airplanes 
- Golden Bear flavors, in a new airplane shape. Nothing ground breaking, but I did like the larger size. Especially the green ones, since Haribo green (strawberry) is on of my favorites, one plane is about the same size as 2.5 bears, which I appreciated. Nothing to really write home about, but I welcome it to the mix. 
Haribo Crocos - None! I got absolutely zero Crocos in my bag, but they are shown on the bag-art and listed on the website as being part of the mix. They are likely quite similar to Lidl's knock-off Crocos, but I unfortunately can't try them to compare. At least not from this mix. It seems the variety is very random and inconsistent among these mixes.  

This is an awesome mix, and I am very happy I bought it. As always, I love gummy candies, and nothing Haribo-made has ever left me dissatisfied. We have a bunch of classics in this mix, that are tried and true for American audiences, but is also opened my eyes to products like Brixx, which I was previously not familiar with, but am very excited to explore. If you're a fan of Haribo at all, do yourself a favor and grab a bag.  

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