Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Still In The Festive Spirit? - Merry Mash-Up Mtn Dew

Merry Mash-Up Mtn Dew -
Can we take a moment to appreciate Mtn Dew, their marketing team, and their limited edition products? 
Growing up, Mountain Dew (before their fancy abbreviated re-branding) was always around, and I recognized their logo, but I never really drank it. No particular reason, I just found myself gravitating towards other options. 
Then, around my high school and college years, they started shifting their focus towards different flavors with bright colors and leaning into Gamer Fuel and Amp energy drinks. It was reminiscent of Jolt cola, with the focus on caffeine, but with way better marketing. This is when I started paying attention. A lot of my friends would become flavor-loyalists to Code Red, or Pitch Black, etc. and trying all the new flavors turned into a caffeinated game of Pok√©mon. (Gotta' taste e'm all!) 

Now, here I am, hunting down new flavors like Voo-Dew and Dew-S-A to review on the blog. The best part? I don't think there has ever been a dud in the bunch! Sure, some flavors might have been a little too sweet for standard sipping, but I have never had a flavor of Mtn Dew that I didn't enjoy. While I was out searching for the new watermelon themed flavor they've released, I found this Christmas-themed one, and figured, why not give it a go? 

Merry Mash-Up is a mixture of cranberry and pomegranate, two tart and complex fruity flavors which should pair nicely with Mtn Dew's typical hummingbird-nectar level of sweetness. I'm interested in seeing how this plays out.

When opened, the liquid inside smells tarter than other flavors I have reviewed in the past. It's sweet, fruity, and tangy, but nothing really stands out as being definitively cranberry or pomegranate right off the bat. It's certainly appealing though. If I really get in there, I can smell kind of a carbonated cranberry sauce kind of aroma, but if I closed my eyes and you told me this was cherry limeade, I would probably say that makes sense as well. It's fruity and tart, and unless you're shoving your nose in the bottle (like I am right now) I don't think the scent gives all that much away. 

Poured into a glass, the liquid looks pinker than I thought it would. Time to finally give this stuff a taste! 

So it's sweet, typical for pretty much everything Mtn Dew makes, ever, but it's also tarter than usual. I feel like I get a lot of cranberry flavoring, although it's more like a sugared or candied cranberry than tart authentic juice, and maybe a little bit of the deeper pomegranate notes, but to me, this is more-so cranberry than anything else. There is an aftertaste that is kind of like maraschino cherry juice, but since I love maraschino cherries, I am not mad at it.  

Having just finished my last bottle of Voo-Dew 2, by comparison, this is much more tart and tangy. Fans of incredibly straight-up sweet flavors might not care for this one, but I like it a lot. I would love to see it return next year, but one or two bottles is more than enough for me right now. (Since I purposefully limit my amount of caffeine in my daily life when I do drink things like this I get a decent energy boost. No naps for me today!) 

Did you try this? If so, what did you think? Also, what's your favorite ever flavor of Mtn Dew?

I think mine might actually be Baja Blast, for normal drinking, but I love the concepts and branding of both Voo-Dew flavors, even though they were way too sweet for standard sipping for me.  

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