Friday, June 16, 2023

Too Much of a Good Thing?

A quickie, since I've been burnt out at work but I wanted to keep my posting streak up. 

Pink is the best Starburst flavor. I thought this was universally agreed upon, so I was shocked when several friends, and even my own mother, confessed that they didn't like pink at all! (Blasphemy! They don't like red Skittles either!) Since there are no all-lemon or orange packs hitting the shelves, I am pretty sure they're on the wrong side of the flavor-wars. 

My Starburst ranking (of just the original line-up) would be 

  1. Pink
  2. Yellow
  3. Red
  4. Orange
And I think that's a fairly common take. (Let me know your order in the comments) 

So, given that pink is my favorite, I thought this, "Oops, All Pink,"-version would be the best pack of Starburst ever, sadly, it wasn't.

The wrapper claims this is, "limited edition," and yet, I've seen it consistently at the Dollar Tree check out for months. Old stock? Or is this not-so-limited? 

I am pretty sure all of you reading this have had a pink Starburst before, they're available all over the world, but the US version does vary slightly from other global versions, so here's a brief description. 

Pink Starburst, are strawberry flavored, but it's a creamy, artificial, cotton-candy-like, air-quotes-worthy "strawberry." Nothing at all like it's fruity namesake. Which sounds negative, but I absolutely love it. 

In normal packs, I would save the pinks until the very end, a few pieces in to this? I found myself craving variety in a way I hadn't expected.

I really wish this was paired with lemon. They could have packaged it with a strawberry-lemonade theme, and adding one additional item to the mix would keep things interesting. You could eat strawberry, or lemon, or mix the two for a lemonade vibe. Or double up lemon with 1 strawberry or vice versa. As is, it's just all cotton candy pink...and The first two pieces give me a serotonin boost, but after that, it all blurs together. 

I really thought I would love this, because I still believe pink is the best flavor, but it turned out to be too much of a good thing. Like in the Incredibles. "When everyone's super, no one will be." 

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  1. Yes! I had a similar experience with All Lime Skittles. At first it was great! Then halfway through the bag it started losing its appeal. I learned it's better with the full rainbow. ;)

    1. Thistle commented below with a great compromise, buy this and mix it with a pack of normal, so you get more pink than usual, but still get the variety. Fantastic idea.

  2. You could buy a pack of the regular and a pack of the all-strawberry and mix the two! Then you'd still have some variety and also more of the ones you like best.

    1. That is a VERY good idea. Majority pink, but not -all pink-. Brilliant!