Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Spicy Toddler Food

Frank's RedHot Goldfish

Nostalgia plays a pretty big part in my adult snacking. I'll go out of my way to buy things like Pizza Lunchables, Yoo-Hoo, and Totino's Party Pizzas. All objectively bad products, (Gordon Ramsey would never!), but to me, they were my childhood staples and therefore, perfect. I just happened to miss the Goldfish-boat. 

As a childless, 35-year-old lady, with no fuzzy memories tied to the tiny orange fish, I tend to look at them as toddler food. Until Old Bay entered the chat. The Old Bay seasoned Goldfish were the best version I'd ever had, but this gives them a run for their money. 

The bag design looks so mature, especially when you compare it to the other offering on the shelf. It's redder than usual, with a simple radial burst, and a big bottle of Frank's front and center. The side-panel implies that these have a medium-to-high heat level, accompanied by the following text, "If you can take the heat, then get into the bag!" A bold statement for smiley-faced fish. 

Opened, the crackers inside have a dusting of red-orange seasoning, and a slightly more tangy aroma than usual, but nothing too out of the ordinary. Right away I can see that some fish are more heavily dusted than others.

Trying just one, moderately seasoned, fish on it's's pretty darn good! That powdery coating has a medium level of dry pepper-based heat, and a bold vinegary twang. I am not too familiar with Frank's RedHot, since I buy the Aldi knock-off, but I guess the knock off I have is pretty good because this is dang close to what I have in the fridge! Sadly, due to the inconsistent seasoning, your snacking experience may vary. Medium-to-heavy dusted fish deliver on that medium heat warning, but under seasoned fish leave my taste-buds dead in the water. I'm normally a one-at-a-time-snacker, but I find myself pairing under seasoned fish with more heavily seasoned ones, so I can balance the snacking scales. (Get it? Scales? Like Fish!?) 

I see a lot of people add hot sauce to their dry snacks, like popcorn, or chips, and I love the idea flavor-wise, but I hate that it makes things so soggy and messy. This fixes all that! All the flavor and crispiness, none of the mess! It's a shame these are limited edition, I might have to stock up!

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