Monday, October 30, 2023

Trick or Treat: Favorite Day Filled Gumballs

Normally I try to go in and write these with a first-taste experience, but I cracked into these the second I bought them, they're great! Probably my favorite Favorite Day product I've ever had. 

You get three flavors, and each have a unique filling. 

Banana -
a smooth, glossy, yellow gumball with a pinkish-red gel filling.

Probably the most divisive flavor, since consumers have a love/hate relationship with artificial banana, but I'm really into it! It's tangier than I expected to start, which makes it feel a little under ripe and unique, but it has a classic Runts-like finish. For a gumball the size of a dime, it has a decent amount of flavor! I'm impressed. After a minute, it's a shadow of it's former self, BUT the texture is still really satisfying. There's a nice snap and it makes small bubbles well, but it's also the kind of gum where if your bubble gets too big, and bursts, it'll definitely stick and make for a messy clean-up. 

Citrus -
 a  textured bright green gumball with a white tennis-ball stripe and a yellow-colored gel filling.

The Tennis-ball look is something that I both really enjoy, and find confusing. As a tiny tennis ball, it looks adorable. But in a bag where banana is a smooth classic yellow gumball, and the watermelon looks like a watermelon...why is this a tennis-ball? 

A thicker gumball-layer to this one, which gives it a tougher bite and a bit more chew. I like the textural difference and it adds to the variety of the bag. Although it starts out tangy and a little tart from the yellow-lemon-lime flavored gel, kind of like the outer coating of a Lemonhead, it mellows out faster than the banana. It goes from bright and tangy to a very sweet, but flat, Sprite. I also felt like this flavor faded a bit faster and it's less bubble friendly, but more snappy.

Watermelon -
 a green gumball with dark green stripes, filled with pink flavored sugar crystals. 

I assumed this would be gel like the others, but these sugar crystals are unlike any other gumball filling I've ever had. At first I couldn't figure out what was going on, there was some crunchiness, a burst of artificial watermelon, and it made me wonder if there was like, a honey-comb style filling of some kind. But it's actually a fine, pink, sanding-sugar. I've had seedlings before, which had tiny seed-like sprinkles inside fruit-shaped candies, and those are great, but this was better. The sugar gives starts out crispy and crunchy, but dissolves quickly into a tangy, artificial, watermelon flavor. Think Trolli sour watermelon slices, but less sour. The flavor is great, but the texture is what kept bringing me back for more. I really loved all three flavors, but this is my #1 of the bag. 

Although I haven't tried all of the Favorite Day Halloween candy offerings, I feel pretty confident declaring this to be the best one. Perfect portioned sizes, distinct flavors, great texture, they certainly blow the candy bars out of the water. 

If you happen to be scooping up last minute candy for Trick-or-Treaters, I highly recommend these gumballs. (I think they're pretty allergy-friendly too! No nuts, no gluten, no dairy!) I think I will try and grab a second bag just for myself! 

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  1. Where can these be purchased? Is there a link please?

    1. Favorite Day is Target's house-brand, and this was a Halloween item they released. It's likely sold out now, but it could return next year for Halloween. I would check online since most stores no longer have any Halloween items left. Good luck searching!