Sunday, October 29, 2023

Trick of Treat - Minecraft Edition: Suspicious Stew Pringles

Yesterday's not-really-Halloween-but-kind-of-Trick-or-Treat-adjacent theme continues! Today I have these Suspicious Stew flavored Pringles. 

Minecraft is something beyond my elder-millennial scope, so I asked my younger cousin to explain it's, "Suspicious Stew," item to me. She said it is kind of like poison, it makes your screen get all wiggly. Makes sense to me as an in-game item, but when there are other more positive foods in the game they could have gone with, I do think it's a strange choice for a limited run flavor. (A "sus" choice?)

Sadly, I bought these for whatever normal price they were going for at Walmart, but if you do want to try these for yourself, they seem to be popping up at Dollar Trees already for a lower price, which does not bode well for my snacking experience. 

Opened, the aroma is quite salty and savory. The first thing that comes to mind is the extra salty seasoning packets that come with chicken flavored instant ramen, but there's something else in there that I find really appealing. I think it might be paprika? Paprika Pringles are a European-exclusive flavor that is probably my favorite Pringle of all time. Looking at the ingredient list, Paprika is on there, so that bodes well for me! 

The chips inside are a light yellow coloring, with little specs of red-brown seasoning. 

Taking a bite...they're so salty! Oddly enough, it does kind if taste like concentrated chicken ramen seasoning, but also beef-seasoning? And it's so salty that it hard to tell if it's also slightly spicy, or so salty that it almost feels like it's spicy. 

After a few chips I do think there is some mild heat here, along the lines of a chili powder, but I think the salt makes it seems a lot spicier than it actually is. 

Are they good? I mean, kind of? (At least my vision isn't getting all in-game wiggly.) The flavor honestly does have a bit of potential, it's meaty, savory, and complex. I kind of get hints of corn and peppers towards the end, but that salt-level has got to be cut in half. At least. How do 14 of these chips only have 9% of your daily sodium intake? I only ate 3 and I feel like I am good for the rest of the day, if not the week.

If your kids love Minecraft and eat way too much instant ramen, they might really like these, but I think they're more of a novelty flavor than anything else. Another "Trick" product, but this time I feel like the product was in on the joke from the start. 

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