Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Marshmallow Mash-Up

Jet-Puffed Gummies
- Dollar Tree

I love marshmallows, and I love gummies, but will I love these? 

Inside the box the candies are cube shaped with smiling faces and they come in four different colors. We have pastel pink, pastel blue, white, and a pale peachy-orange. They may look different, but I'm pretty sure they're all the same marshmallow flavor, and they're covered in sanding sugar. 

Giving them a try, the chew is dense, similar to other foamy-style gummy candies, and the flavoring is actually really good! I'm actually shocked by how much I am enjoying these. The sanding sugar adds sweetness and a bit of crunchy texture, the chew has a nice bounce and dense-ness to it. It's actually a bit stiffer than Haribo bears, but the foamy-ness keeps it airy and light. And the flavor? It's a warm, sweet, vanilla that surprisingly does taste very authentic. Like a big, more durable, marshmallow.

Color me surprised! These are pretty darn good! After a few candies I find myself craving variety, since I was correct in assuming all the colors are the exact same flavor, but if you're sharing them with a friend or two, that's no problem at all! I plan on getting another box to bring with me to my family's Christmas celebration so I can share them with all my little cousins. 

For personal snacking, they may be a little one-note, but I would definitely get them again! (They'd make a fun companion to salty buttery movie theater popcorn!) 

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