Monday, May 14, 2012

Strawberry Heart Shaped Pocky,Chinatown PA

Strawberry Heart Shaped Pocky,Chinatown PA
Now I have had Strawberry Pocky before, but this is different. I have been hunting for this heart shaped one ever since I saw it on the net!

Normal Strawberry Pocky has a basic biscuit stick and a pale pink strawberry-flavored confectionery coating. This one is similar, it had a heart shaped basic biscuit stick but the strawberry coating is darker and has deep red flecks.

The package is adorable, the perforations on the box are all heart shaped! This is right up there with the packaging on that Strawberry Marshmallow Meiji Bar! SO stinking cute!

Opening the package, you can see that it has smaller portioned packages inside. As you open the tiny packets the smell of artificial strawberry fills the air (in a good way.)

The smell was amazing, sugary, milky and sweet. The little sticks aren’t perfectly heart shaped, but still they are precious.

These are delicious. I Tried to eat just a few but I downed an entire sleeve in less than 5 minutes. They are light, crisp an taste like strawberry milk. I LOVE these.

I highly recommend these to anyone who like strawberry or Pocky. You won’t be disappointed. (These would be a cute gift for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary!)

Photos© Maria Smith
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