Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kasugai Gummi Sampler (Apple) - Chinatown, PA

Kasugai Gummi Sampler (Apple) - Chinatown, PA
I love Kasugai gummies! I have had the honeydew and strawberry flavors before and both were delicious. I have always wanted to try other flavors, but I didn’t want to commit to buying a full-size bag of them. This sampler is the perfect solution to that! 
The sampler comes in a long strip with 5 different flavored gummies. In the selection we have: apple, muscat, orange, grape and pineapple. I think this is a nice collection of flavors and gives the buyer a decent amount of variety.
To kick things off, I’ll start with apple.
The packet has a nice little portion of candies inside, about 10, and they smell like a fruity white wine. The smell was a bit shocking, since the two flavors I have tried before this had smelled strongly of honey. The apple gummies have a bit of texture, they seem to be very lightly sugared which gives it the texture of a citrus-peel.
Time to taste! They have a soft and bouncy chew. The packaging says “Kasugai’s Gummy has the taste of apple juice,” but you get the strong taste of apple cider. It is a darker, sweeter, apple taste than apple juice. Afterwards, it has a dry almost wine-like finish.
I think these are yummy and different, but I am not a big fan of apple flavored things. I wouldn’t be buying the larger bag of this flavor, but I was happy to give it a try.
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