Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kasugai Gummi Sampler (Muscat and Pineapple) - Chinatown, PA

Kasugai Gummi Sampler (Muscat and Pineapple) - Chinatown, PA
To see what the other gummies tasted like, check out my reviews apple, grape and orange.
Time for the last two flavors-pineapple and muscat.

Lets start with muscat, muscat is a variation of grape and very popular in Japanese sweets. Will it be the same as the grape I had before? Why offer grape AND muscat in a sampler? Isn’t that a bit redundant?

The spring-green gummies smell like sparkling white grape juice. The smell is very strong, and it seems like it would be carbonated.

The coating on the muscat flavor seems to be more waxy than the others. A bit of the wax got stuck on my front teeth as I took a bite. (I did not enjoy that at all.) The chew is soft and bouncy, just like the apple, and the taste is crisp and refreshing.

It has a very light flavor, more white grape juice than grape jelly. I think this flavor is light and different enough to warrant it’s own bag in this sampler.

Moving on…pineapple!

I love pineapple everything. So I was very happy to see pineapple gummies. When I opened the bag, the smell wasn’t as strong as any of the other flavors.
The candy is almost crystallized on the outside, and they feel stiffer than any of the other flavors.

As I tasted the gummie…I was shocked. I feel like I am really eating pineapple. Dried sweetened pineapple! These are amazing. The flavors are so realistic that I almost forget I am eating a candy at all.

Out of all five of the flavors I have tried, I think pineapple and grape are the best of the bunch. I would definitely buy a full bag of those flavors. The worst? I’d have to say orange. The flavor and taste was concentrated and almost pulpy. I was not a fan.

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