Tuesday, July 10, 2012

III Brothers Eggplant Pizza & Dairy Queen Hotdog - Wildwood, NJ

III Brothers Eggplant Pizza & Dairy Queen Hotdog - Wildwood, NJ
As I have gotten older, the shore became less about rides and more about food! Last Friday, my boyfriend and I went to Wildwood for a mini vacation. We had eggplant pizza for lunch and DQ hotdogs for dinner. (It was junk food overload!)

For lunch we went to the same pizza place we visited last year, III Brothers Pizza. Their food is VERY good! (Especially for shore-food.) The owners came from Italy so they use real mozzarella cheese! When you take a bite of their pizza the cheese pulls and gets stringy, which is just how I like it. The fried eggplant was really sweet, so I added some red pepper flakes to my slices to spice things up.

Overall I really love III Brothers Pizza, and it is my favorite pizza place on the Wildwood boardwalk. (It has been my favorite for the last 3 years.)

One of the problems with Wildwood is that there are tons of pizza places…and not much else. Since we already had pizza for lunch, I wanted something different for dinner. The boardwalk has tons of pizza places, fudge places, and snack stands…but not much in the way of dinner. So we settled on DQ hotdogs. (Mostly because they were cheap. Soda, chips and a hotdog for about $2.75)

As you can see, I always have my hotdog with yellow mustard and relish. Nothing super fancy here. The hotdogs and buns were very typical, so there wasn’t anything really special about this meal. It was just quick and cheap.

If you are at the Wildwood boardwalk and want something cheap, I would suggest the hotdog package at DQ. It is filling and inexpensive, as far as boardwalk food goes.

On this trip I also bought: soft pretzels, fudge, cotton candy, gourmet amaretto coffee, and a candy apple.

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