Monday, July 9, 2012

Papa John’s Buffalo Chicken Pizza - Papa John’s, NJ

Papa John’s Buffalo Chicken Pizza - Papa John’s, NJ
My boyfriend and I decided to be lazy and order some pizza for lunch, so we ordered some Papa John’s.

I love the tangy sweetness of the tomato sauce Papa John’s uses. The taste reminds me of the Tombstone pizza sauce that used to come with pizza Lunchables. (Maybe that is why I like it so much? Taste-nostalgia?) Now that I am older I like spicy things too, so we opted for the buffalo chicken variety instead of our usual cheese pizza.

Papa John’s buffalo chicken pizza comes with chicken, bacon, cheese, and a spicy sauce spiraled on top. (As well as the usual peppers on the side. I love these!)

Visually it was really pretty! It smelled like cheese, hot sauce and bacon. YUM! Now, does it taste good?
YES! It was delicious! I had 3 slices. The little bits of bacon are crispy, the chicken is tender and the sauce had a perfect spicy-level for me. If you like your buffalo style food really hot, add some hot sauce, and I’ll bet you’ll love it too.

Next time you order a pizza, try a little something different. I highly recommend this specialty pizza to anyone who likes buffalo wings.

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