Monday, March 4, 2013

Nintendo Candies - Dollar General : Cinnaminson, NJ

Nintendo Candies - Dollar General : Cinnaminson, NJ
Since I don’t have the main package, tonight’s post is a mini review on this novelty Nintendo product. Originally I wasn’t going to do one on this, but I was so impressed by the detail in these candies I decided to do one anyway.
These are individually portioned, Sweetart-like, candies that have been pressed into the shapes of popular Nintendo characters. (Mario, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, and Toad.)
As a candy, these are very hard (which may be why they are able to retain so much detail) and they smell like artificial orange.

  • Orange - Tastes a lot like an orange baby Asprin, but it is more sweet than anything else. This one may taste mild, but it has a strong artificial orange scent.
  • Red - Tastes similar to a red Pixie stick, but it is more sweet than tangy. Mostly a sweet artificial cherry flavor.
  • Green - Is some sort of attempt at green apple, but it tastes really fake and chemical.
  • Blue - Reminds me of blue freezer pops. There is a bit of a blue raspberry flavor, and I found that these were the strongest flavor of the four.
As a candy, these were really hard and crunchy. There wasn’t much flavor pay off, or variety. Although I am impressed by the detail that went into the molds for these… I wouldn’t want to eat them again. (Although they look so cute and photograph well!)
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