Friday, August 30, 2013

Kwality Ice Cream - Medford, NJ

Kwality Ice Cream - Medford, NJ
I know, I know, I just reviewed ice cream yesterday, but my sister was raving about this place and I was in the area.

During my visit I actually got to met the man in charge of this location and he treated me to a little lunch. (I did not tell him I was a food blogger, he was just really friendly and I think he wanted to share some of his appetizers with me. Plus I don't think the local residents have been to receptive to the flavors of India.)

Kwality (it's actually spelled that way) is an Indian themed ice cream franchise. It features delicious exotic flavors, like saffron pistachio, and American classics, like chocolate chip cookie dough. They also serve delicious appetizers like fries, hot dogs, naan, samosas and more!
I'm not sure if this is standard for the franchise, but this specific location has a full playground, a basketball court (with a provided basketball), and plenty of green space for little ones to run and play. If I were a parent I would totally bring my children here, sadly Pomeranians and cats don't count as kids.
While the owner and I chatted he let me try tons of samples. (I picked out all of the more interesting flavors of course.)
After a decent taste-testing I purchased two hand packed pints.  
  • Thandai

    (Indian Kick)
    - This flavor is full of delicious spice blends. My palette isn't refined enough to name them all, but there are bits of saffron, pistachio, and rose water. It is a bright yellow color, maybe due to cardamom, and it is absolutely amazing. The color and name might be a little intimidating to people who are used to vanilla and chocolate, but it is worth a try. I could see children really enjoying the sweetness, and adults loving the complex spices.
  • Saffron Pistachio - I love pistachio. This location had the delicious classic green version of this ice cream, but where is the fun in that? This saffron version has a nice creamy base that is heavily flavored with saffron. There is a strong pistachio presence, and actual pistachio bits, but the saffron is the star of the show. Beautiful and creamy. This one might be more of an adult flavor, but your children may enjoy it too. (If they are a bit adventurous.)

    The owner packed up my ice cream and popped it into the freezer while we talked.
Being the super friendly guy he was, he gave me a sampler of delicious appetizers to try. There were samosas (both veggie and chicken), spring rolls, and falaffel.
Everything was delicious!

After a lovely lunch, I packed up my pints and went home to do a little research into this company, and it turns out that a few years ago specific flavors were made for my college, Rutgers University. Although it wasn't my specific campus, Camden, that's still pretty neat!

This is a wonderful location with a lot to offer. Family fun, exotic flavors, and American favorites. If you are lucky enough to be in the area I would definitely visit this location.
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