Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wegman’s Premium Ice Cream - Wegman’s : Cherry Hill, NJ

Wegman’s Premium Ice Cream - Wegman’s : Cherry Hill, NJ
Another summer themed treat. (I’m going to the boardwalk this Saturday!)
Previously reviewed:
I haven’t been disappointed by a Wegman’s ice cream yet, so let’s get right to the review…
All of the cartons for Wegman’s premium line have the same design, just a different color scheme, so I won’t be giving this an in depth design critique. (Although I will say that this color combination reminds me of Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine. That isn’t very “boardwalk” to me, but it’s nostalgic and I like it.) The carton was really easy to open and there is a plastic seal underneath the cap to keep everything fresh. (Typical for ice creams these days.)

Like most frozen desserts there isn’t much of a smell...
(Although visually this looks like coffee ice cream with chocolate bits and caramel swirls.)

I grabbed my spoon and dug right in, instantly hitting a river of caramel. Just look at it! This ice cream really doesn’t skimp on the mix-ins.

The caramel swirls are sweet, salty, and buttery. I kind of feel like this has a stronger butterscotch flavor than caramel, but it’s still very satisfying. Plus the little truffles add a nice texture and the chocolate shell is deliciously dark.

Another amazing flavor!  Wegman’s hasn’t let me down yet. These are half the price of a Ben and Jerry’s pint and just as delicious. Next time you have a craving for ice cream go to Wegman’s.

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