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Kabaya Karipori Candy Stick - Cola Review - SunSeng Market : Pennsauken, NJ

Kabaya Karipori Candy Stick - Cola Review
- SunSeng Market : Pennsauken, NJ
Although I am not the biggest fan of ramune, I picked this up because Kabaya brand items are kinda rare in my area. (I think I have only found the Ju-C tablets so far, and those were delicious.)

Since I can't read much of the box, I have to rely on the images to figure out what kind of candy this might be. Right off the bat the easiest thing to understand is the flavors, seeing as they are in English and all the images relate to soda, I can safely assume that this is some kind of cola and ramune flavored candy. After that, things get a little fuzzy. The image on the packaging looks like some kind of biscuit stick, similar to Pocky, but these might just be solid candy. I also think that this might be a fizzy candy. (Since the cola cans are bubbling over and most soda related candies use some kind of fizzy add in.) I think my guesses are spot on, but I'll just have to open it up to find out for sure.

Inside the box, there are six packages of candy. Three of the packets are red, which relates to the cola flavored candy, while the other three are blue and contain ramune flavored candy. It turns out that each packet has it's own little game on it! How fun! I understand most of the little games, like find the differences and the mazes, but a few are a bit confusing. (Like the one below with a camel, or the ambulance.)  I want to include all the wrapper-games, so I am breaking this review into two posts. (You can check out the wrapper games at the bottom of this post )

Today we'll focus on the cola candy and it's wrappers.

I decided to open the camel wrapper first, mostly because I didn't understand the game related to it, and inside were two cola-colored sticks. The sticks are very light weight, and they have a frosted appearance. (I think a lot of air was whipped into this candy before it hardened, that would explain the frothy coloring and light weight feel.)

The little sticks have the same tangy, slightly lemony, aroma as Haribo cola bottles. (Which I reviewed here and the fizzy version here.)

I started by snapping a little bit off the top and it made a very satisfying crunch. The whipped texture really makes this candy crispy! Once I started chewing, I noticed that it has a very similar mouth feel to Pop Rocks. (Similar texture, just no popping sensation.) 
As far as taste, these taste just like Haribo soda bottles.

So, is this a fizzy candy? Maybe. There is a slightly fizzy texture that comes from citric acid, but the fizz-aspect is pretty weak.

Overall I really liked this candy. The texture was interesting, the little games are fun, and these tiny sticks pack some pretty strong cola flavoring. If you like Haribo's cola candies, definitely give these a try.

I am guessing it it a letter or character related game, but it might not translate well with the characters changed to English. COLA -> CAMEL -> OSTRICH?

Spot the differences! THIS one I get.
Another one that I don't quite understand. Can anyone translate?
 (I'll be positing the Ramune/soda flavor separately due to picture overload. Look for that post in a day or two.)
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