Saturday, October 19, 2013

Brach's S'mores Candy Corn - Wegman’s : Cherry Hill, NJ

Brach's S'mores Candy Corn - Wegman’s : Cherry Hill, NJ
Time for a Halloween staple, candy corn!

It seems like this has been a good year for candy corn and s'mores. This summer I spotted a decent amount of limited edition s'more items on the shelves, and now there are a bunch of new candy corn flavors. I have seen Starburst flavored candy corn, pumpkin spice candy corn, and tons of fruity flavors like caramel apple or grape. I like candy corn, but it is just too sweet for me. (If I buy any it'll sit around forever while I slowly nibble away at it.)

The packaging is the same as any other bag of candy corn, but what sets this item apart is the large s'more in the upper left corner and the uniquely colored candy inside. From top to bottom there is a yellow-orange cap, a chalky translucent white center and a chocolatey bottom. (Similar to Indian style candy corn.) I really like the combination of colors, it gives you a very nice, generic, fall feeling. Although the bag is pretty blah, the candy would look great at a Thanksgiving dessert table.
I was a little afraid that these would smell really artificial and off putting, but they actually smell like chocolate and marshmallows. The aroma isn't entirely authentic, it's more like a candle than actual chocolate and marshmallows, but it is way more appealing than I thought it would be. (If this were a candle or body spray, I'd definitely buy it.)

If you have ever seen me on Halloween, you might catch a glimpse of my food OCD. I tend to eat a lot of my foods in a color/flavor separated fashion. For example, I separate all my Skittles by color/flavor and I will eat them so that I will have the same amount of each color. Then I will rotate through the flavors until they are all gone. (So I might eat them until I have 3 of each flavor, and then I will eat one of each until they are all gone.)
With that being said, I am one of those people who likes to bite each color section of candy corn off and each them individually. I figured I'd have to each a few of these the 'normal way' if I wanted the full s'more effect, so I did. 

  • As a whole, I can actually taste chocolate and marshmallow with just a mild hint of vanilla wafer. It was really surprising how authentic the flavors were, but the graham cracker aspect was a little weak. Although it isn't very cinnamon-y, the candy really does deliver some decent s'more flavoring.
  • Individually, the chocolate end has a decent cocoa powder flavoring, the center has a nice vanilla marshmallow pay off and the little yellow-orange piece taste just like the marshmallow-y middle.
I enjoyed this candy a lot more than I thought I would. I don't know if I would buy another bag this season, but I definitely would next year. (One bag a year is more than enough for me.) 

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