Friday, February 14, 2014

Gobstoppers Heartbreakers- Target: Cherry Hill, NJ

Gobstoppers Heartbreakers- Target: Cherry Hill, NJ
Happy Valentine's Day! (I hope all of you have a lovely day and don't forget to grab yourself some clearance candy tomorrow!) 
Remember this package from last year's review? Gobstopper Heartbreakers may be seasonal, but they are one of my favorite candies of all time. Normally I buy several bags of these to satisfy my craving until next year, but there's been a slight change. This year there are only three colors!
The purple, yellow and orange hearts have been removed from the mix and replaced with a white one. Understandably, a mixture of red, white, and pink is a more festive color palette for Valentine's Day, but I really miss all of the flavors that were removed.
I am not happy about this change at all. 
There isn't much for me to cover in the review. The red and pink hearts are the same as the ones I reviewed last year, and the plastic bag design stayed the same, so I will keep this breif.

When I popped the little white heart into my mouth it has a sweet, slightly tropical, fruit flavor. The taste is very similar to the clear/white gummy bears in Haribo's mix, and according to Candyblog, this new flavor is pineapple. Which makes sense. I am not a fan of this flavor, but I was really happy when it melted away to reveal lemon! The yellow/lemon hearts were my favorite, so I'm really happy that it's still present in this mix, although I don't like going through the pineapple flavor to get to it.

After I found out that there was a lemon layer, I decided to check on the flavors inside the other hearts to see if they had changed.
  • White - Pinapple -> Lemon->Center
  • Red  - Cherry- > Orange->Center
  • Pink - Strawberry -> Cherry->Center
So it seems like there have been a few minor changes in the layering of this candy, and the grape/purple flavor is the only one that has been entirely removed. This might be a minor change to some, but it completely changed my candy eating experience. I loved the different flavors and bright colors in the old mix, so I only bought one bag this year. I really hope the other colors return next year, and if not...I don't think I'll be buying this candy anymore. (I'm so bummed!)
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