Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Orange Creme Limited Edition Peeps - Target: Cherry Hill, NJ

Orange Creme Limited Edition Peeps - Target: Cherry Hill, NJ
It's a bad sign, but I am starting to get sick of Peeps. After all of these new flavor releases, and reviewing them all, I kind of hope Just Born stops making new flavors for a while. I'm starting to feel like Francis in Malcolm in the Middle. (Apparently I can only find this video clip in Spanish.)

This is (hopefully) the last flavor I will be reviewing for the next few months. Alright, let's see how these Orange and Creme Peeps taste.
Again, the limited edition packaging for Peeps has not changed. There are three marshmallow chicks in a plastic slide out tray covered in shrink plastic. I'm not going to talk about the packaging, but I will say...why are the new flavors always in chick form? Why aren't we getting limited edition bunnies? I always preferred the bunny shape, since I am the kind of person who bites off bunny ears, and I don't see any reason why these fancy flavors can't be piped into little marshmallow bunnies. Do any of you feel the same way?
These orange marshmallows have a tangy citrus scent that is slightly medicinal. (The smell reminds me of baby Aspirin and orange vitamin C chews I used to take as a kid.) I found the overall scent a little off putting, but I used to take a lot of orange flavored medicines as a kid. If you're a big fan of Orange Julius, which I'm not, you'd absolutely love the aroma. When I brought an individual chick to my nose the scent got a lot creamier and sweeter, more like Creamsicle, and I found it to be a lot more appealing.

On to the Peeps themselves. Unlike the strawberry version, that was absolutely covered in red edible glitter, these orange ones have a much lighter orange colored glitter coating. These little flecks don't add anything to flavor, they are just for show.

I took a bite, and the creamy vanilla and orange flavoring hits you right away. These honestly taste just a like a Dreamsicle/Creamsicle/Other copyrighted orange and vanilla frozen dessert. The soft marshmallow texture works well with the flavor combination, and there is just enough citrus flavoring to prevent this from being too sweet. These taste delicious!

I am so happy to end my Peep reviews on a high note. Out of all of the limited edition Peep flavors released in 2014, this is by far the best. If you were planning on buying any of these new Peeps. I strongly suggest this one.
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  1. I found these in bunny form during the Easter candy buying season at CVS here in RI.
    SO yummy! I have always loved cremsicles and anything orange flavored for that matter. Must have been all those baby asprin I used to take growing up :)